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  • Lose caste if you do.
  • Of what caste are the people?
  • I suppose the caste system is too deeply ingrained in me.
  • My Upper caste status helped me.
  • Here the Buddhist neglect of caste comes in.
  • Take the Britisher: to him caste is everything.
  • The Brahmans are the sacerdotal caste of India.
  • In New Jersey caste was more clearly defined.
  • If the highest caste is strictly defined, so also are the others.
  • Many of the better caste make a great deal of money, and some are rich.
  • The fact that the Manor has lost caste brought about this possibility.
  • We are caste brothers, and are bound together by our worship of Bowani.
  • Deep South; a social anthropological study of caste and class.
  • As Germany developed in industry, the military caste receded relatively.

How To Use Caste In A Sentence?

  • He ranked the little man opposite him in both caste and in professional attainments.
  • Those who belonged to no caste were in a still worse plight and lived in the greatest misery.
  • They were caste schools, but they kept alive the torch of learning and civilization.
  • But he bore the pain bravely, for he did not wish to lose caste in the eyes of his new admirer.
  • As for the Hindoos, I cannot even guess how they will preserve their caste intact.
  • In mould of plebeian he never was cast (His caste was of gentlemen, wealthy and 'fast').
  • You think you could work your way up from Mid-Lower to Upper caste with that beginning, Soligen?
  • And is the tribe of mossbacks destined to increase and become a caste of permanent tenants or peasants?
  • And Mr. Holland, I must say, the Middle caste seems to have taken over the house.
  • Later in life he would lose caste as a warrior if he ventured to display wonderment at sight of a flying-machine.
  • But in doing it, both managed to inflict upon themselves a caste system that perpetuated itself, eventually to the detriment of progress.
  • He says that the war will result in no easy victory for democracy, for the system of caste and bureaucracy is very likely to become fixed.
  • The eternal struggle between caste and caste for social superiority has become a constant source of ill-feeling....
  • The negro is still of an inferior caste and in some circles the days of slavery were the great days of the Republic.
  • It is a pity that their priests could not give them a dispensation to put aside all their caste observances for the time they may be out of India.
  • They were with a few exceptions sons and daughters of the Temesvar family, servants proud of their caste and the man they served.
  • You of the caste of Dives sowed dragon's teeth, and now the abundance of your crop appalls you?
  • But the primitive differences of rank must have had a great development before they took shape in the rigid caste system of India.
  • Among all these Russians, differing as they did in caste and kind, there was one thing they held in common.
  • No, Marie, we will have our children educated without being subjected to the depressing influences of caste feeling.
  • These gypsies came from India, where caste is established and callings are hereditary even among out-castes.
  • His Upper caste rating also made little impression on the other embassy personnel, largely because it was the prevalent rank.
  • In darkest Africa, we find a special caste with its professional secrets which accepts new members only after long tests.
  • Then, again, in the Nou-su tribe there are various hereditary distinctions enabling a man to claim caste advantage.
  • Max was getting fed up with the airs of Sov officers; caste lines were over here, if anything, more strictly drawn than at home.
  • The second caste is that of the Kshatriyas, warriors or rulers, the third that of the Vaisyas or farmers.

Definition of Caste

Any of the hereditary social classes and subclasses of South Asian societies. | A separate and fixed order or class of persons in society who chiefly associate with each other. | (zoology) A class of polymorphous eusocial insects of a particular size and function within a colony.
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