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  • Steel Castings from one lb.
  • Solvay Steel Castings Co., employment of negro labor, 114.
  • It is used for making castings and in the manufacture of other kinds of iron.
  • One allowed oneself those castings forward in the early stages of a story.
  • All the castings were of the same general type as shown by Fig.
  • Thee recollects Jones sent me yesterday a sample of castings from the foundry.

How To Use Castings In A Sentence?

  • His sermons were such castings of the net; he made his disciples fishers of men.
  • It enables you to make trials to any extent, and get castings with the utmost precision.
  • The next two castings broke, but three perfect kittens resulted from six tries.
  • In the production of the glass castings for the lenses, the French have remained the masters.
  • An invaluable substitute for expensive forgings or for malleable iron castings requiring great strength.
  • Within it were electrodes that were castings of copper, and between them the miracle of regenerated matter was taking place.
  • They are castings of much prettier pattern and of mainly poetico-classical educated-class sentiment.
  • To make castings it was necessary only to pour in wax, which on cooling would shrink sufficiently to be withdrawn.
  • Pasteur thought that in places where sheep dead of anthrax had been buried, the microbes were brought to the surface in the castings of earthworms.
  • Without the oil or japan it will dry hard on wrought iron in about seven days, on castings in about four days.
  • These sections consist of steel castings with a number of lateral slots; thus the tray has the appearance of a travelling grating.
  • He took his seat on one of the iron benches painted green, and decorated with castings of grapes and vine leaves.
  • The floor is of soft, yielding sand, similar to that of which the moulds for the castings are made, and it is noiseless under the feet.
  • While hot fires were roaring in the great furnaces, smoke rose from the dusty beds where Titanic castings were cooling.
  • All castings I get ready for color before they are put on the locomotive, except such as have to be filed or fitted on outside edges.
  • Many of the earlier inventors, who began the manufacture of reapers of their own invention, followed that course and castings were sometimes brought from great distances.
  • In short, there seems to be no end to the list of personal ornaments and equipment which may be improved by carvings, arrangements of beads or metal castings and inlays.
  • Chester Steel Castings Co. make castings twice as strong as malleable iron castings, at about the same price.
  • The castings (wormicasts) excreted by these earthworms, as a result, contain nutrients in a form that is readily available to the plants for their growth.

Definition of Castings

plural of casting
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