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  • Tom took another casual glance.
  • One or two casual critics have appreciated him.
  • This is a mere casual utterance, by the way.
  • Then he directed his attention to the casual inspection of the room.
  • A casual observer would have remarked that all was not right with her.
  • They exchanged insignificant words in studiously casual tones.
  • For the first time he realized that this was not simply a casual invitation.
  • Beyond casual mention this mythical creature does not appear in heraldry.
  • We met in a casual sort of way at Pau, on the Riviera, and elsewhere.
  • Like skulking debtor I must sit, And sweat each casual word to hear!
  • There's plenty of stones along the beach for the casual mischief maker.

How To Use Casual In A Sentence?

  • He preferred to let them filter out through a seemingly casual manner of taking them for granted.
  • To such habits of mind liberty is viewed as only casual good-pleasure and self-will.
  • Habit is often spoken of disparagingly and called lifeless, casual and particular.
  • Every one had a great character assigned him, suggested by some casual habit or affectation.
  • The few Americans present seemed to be casual sightseers or ranchmen neighbors of the bridegroom.
  • Lessingham looked at himself in the glass and removed the hat from his head with some casual observation.
  • I was never entrapped into firing at these dummies, and it is only with the casual that the ruse acts.
  • As they are about to return home at nightfall they pick up a casual black dog that has been circling around them.
  • A most casual tap at his belt seemed to achieve instantly the fashionable hour-glass outline of feminine curves.
  • On the same night a few casual discharges of musketry were heard from the terrace of the Tuileries.
  • Her step-mother's casual advice and her own inner musings had resulted in one firm determination.
  • My aunt talked to me in a casual feeble way, chiefly about my mother's last illness.
  • That was more of a place of general resort where, in the multitude of casual patrons, he would pass unnoticed.
  • It is obvious, however, to the most casual observer of the place, that the reverse must have been the case.
  • His eye swept over the room and then visited, in that casual way it had, some one in the corner across the room.
  • As to the coats of arms, the most casual examination makes it clear that they were painted by another hand than executed any part of the portraits.
  • Even the casual events of human history may be said, in a certain sense, to be governed by fixed laws.
  • It will be seen that the rubber was quite dry and fit for packing on the sixth day, as far as could be judged in the usual way by casual inspection.
  • These events were, perhaps, to be reckoned as fairly casual things in the life of a railroad which, to almost any community is life itself.
  • If there must be calm at all costs, let it be the calm of high-pressure effort, and not the coolness of impotent resignation or casual performance.
  • She said this much in the same casual tone, as I should mention that my wife had gone up early to dress for that meal.
  • Mr. Treherne looked less eccentric after having shed his curious cloak, and seemed a quieter and more casual figure.
  • You can mention, merely as a casual remark at the right moment, that France also remitted the money to you.
  • The Oriental persimmon, like the nut trees, requires more than casual attention and ordinary growing conditions.
  • A casual remark of Mr. Petulengro's on this occasion affords a valuable clue to the precise date.
  • In preparing them the effort has been made to elucidate the text by supplying such information as the casual reader might wish as he passes over the pages.
  • But there comes a Voice from the depths, a casual remark, offering to bet that 'ere gent won't close on that hoss.
  • Mr. Bluffy had ordered drinks, when his casual glance fell on Keith standing quietly inside the circle of chairs on the other side of the stove.
  • Our extraordinary entrance, almost instantaneous, from rough to comparatively smooth water can only be explained by a casual reference to the great reef.

Definition of Casual

Happening by chance. | Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental. | Employed irregularly.
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