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  • We can leave the catamaran in the cove also, and walk back by way of change.
  • In this way we made a rude catamaran some twenty feet long and five feet wide.

How To Use Catamaran In A Sentence?

  • But the swirl was on, and the catamaran seemed possessed to bump against the ledge.
  • The catamaran having been made thoroughly secure, he hastened away to the terrace.
  • His catamaran had vanished, along with the larger craft, and its fate he could readily surmise.
  • As the catamaran ran in and grounded on the beach, Flora came down to meet him.
  • Twenty minutes later the catamaran slid into her usual berth and gently grounded upon the sandy beach.
  • Grenville had felt of his head, then arisen to take the sweeps from her hands, though the catamaran was about to ground on the beach.
  • This last shot had the desired effect; the canoe bore up and headed away to the southward and westward with the catamaran hot in chase.
  • He paused to observe the maneuvers of the ship, now coming about in the sunset breeze, just off the tiny inlet where his catamaran was moored.
  • The catamaran had a body and tail like an alligator, a head like a hippopotamus, and four legs like the legs of an ostrich.
  • Meanwhile, Leslie found little difficulty in inducing the two blacks to accompany him aboard the catamaran and out to the brig.
  • They returned in silence to the terrace, Grenville first having urged his catamaran within the estuary, to secure it with the line.
  • The catamaran stood out of the cove, and headed away to the eastward on the starboard tack; and a few minutes later Dick followed in the cutter.
  • Leslie now tacked again to the eastward, standing on until he could only see the canoe when she and the catamaran topped the back of a swell together, when he again hove about.
  • But the king and his court could avail her nothing, for the hideous catamaran and the cruel boogaboo were prepared to pounce upon and destroy whosoever attempted to rescue the unhappy maiden by violence.

Definition of Catamaran

A twin-hulled ship or boat. | (colloquial, rare, obsolete) A quarrelsome woman; a scold. | (obsolete) A raft of three pieces of wood lashed together, the middle piece being longer than the others, and serving as a keel on which the rower squats while paddling.
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