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  • Passions spin the plot and mere catastrophic incident is not required.

How To Use Catastrophic In A Sentence?

  • The effects of radite will be catastrophic on the unfortunate victim on whom it is first used.
  • The certainty is that the world will pass through catastrophic changes to a perfect world.
  • That is how quite a lot of people seem to imagine national bankruptcy: as a catastrophic jolt.
  • Experience has proved that catastrophic revolution and the seizure of political power do not in themselves avail to make a Socialist society.
  • There was a spell, a hush over the world, to be broken by God-knew-what gentle awakening of activity, or catastrophic disturbance.
  • The vastness, the silence, the catastrophic desolation of the place, were all the more impressive because of the relatively recent date of the buildings.
  • Such catastrophic changes in the personnel of the County Council as took place in 1907 involves serious consequences to London ratepayers.
  • You do not escape these things for long even by so catastrophic a proceeding as flying to London with a young lady of no wealth and inferior social position.

Definition of Catastrophic

Of or pertaining to a catastrophe. | Disastrous; ruinous.
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