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  • The abbreviation for the category is cv.
  • A third category is that of clone.
  • Was ever such a category put on paper before?
  • In the same category stands the relative taxation.
  • At all events, you occupy a category all to yourself.
  • They come into the category of states that may be bullied.
  • How about the Category Military?
  • Not if you were in the Category Military and ambitious.
  • So it is with all other contraries falling under the category of quality.
  • This was because we were not dealing with a single category of rays.
  • The category of quantity, therefore, does not admit of variation of degree.
  • Somehow, Aristide's history is a category of terminations.
  • Anyhow, I think they may be rightly classified in the category of vagrarians.
  • Darwin, Stephenson, and many others belonged to this category of idlers.
  • The word "God" with him expressed the category of the Ideal.
  • Automatically, the Category Military Department issues a permit.

How To Use Category In A Sentence?

  • But these all belong to that category of monuments which have subterranean chambers only.
  • For this was no poetry and yet it seemed to put her in the category of visions.
  • A third class within this category is that of affective qualities and affections.
  • I need not tell you that a friend of yours comes into the category of the favoured nations.
  • Each of these was in category 4 or 5 and probably had been born in the previous calendar year.
  • For this category Cosmo seemed to be quite as well prepared as for that of science.
  • To objections of this category the Zionists have a hundred times given a sufficient answer.
  • Joe remembered now that Freddy had mentioned the boy in training in Category Religion.
  • Species included in this category are those that customarily spend most of their lives at the edge of permanent water.
  • He looked up, not immediately recognizing the Category Military, Rank Private, before him.
  • The mental side of the sensation appears to stand in a category by itself, and we can not look upon it as a form of energy.
  • Aristotle, treating of the category of relation, denies that the quadrature has been found, but appears to assume that it can be done.
  • The fate of those in the second category is more pathetic; they gradually wither and die away like flowers planted in a thin soil.
  • Thus art was the main category of the Greeks, the absolute form which embraced all their finite forms.
  • The two schools then in existence, the pseudo-classical and the romantic, debated savagely as to which category Pushkin belonged.
  • The question is asked by Aristotle whether it is completely and strictly accurate to put Soul under the category of natural objects.
  • In Category Military rank is observed whilst in uniform, even though neither individual is currently on active service.
  • For example, a female of category 2, taken on August 12, and probably in postjuvenal pelage, had placental scars.
  • Did we, by our conduct, give the European workers even the shadow of a ground to place us in the same category as German imperialism?
  • Further, if anything should happen to fall within both the category of quality and that of relation, there would be nothing extraordinary in classing it under both these heads.
  • The one Church, then, which they try by force to cut up into many heresies, falls under the same category as the nature of the One.
  • Pairs of opposites which fall under the category of relation are explained by a reference of the one to the other, the reference being indicated by the preposition 'of' or by some other preposition.
  • We must not be disturbed because it may be argued that, though proposing to discuss the category of quality, we have included in it many relative terms.
  • Sober and dignified people regarded the soldier as unnecessary, and military parades were looked upon as childish, and classed in the category with circus shows.

Definition of Category

A group, often named or numbered, to which items are assigned based on similarity or defined criteria. | (mathematics) A collection of objects, together with a transitively closed collection of composable arrows between them, such that every object has an identity arrow, and such that arrow composition is associative.
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