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  • It was a catfish weighing twelve pounds.
  • To twelve small catfish allow a pound and a half of ham.
  • Near Philadelphia catfish suppers were popular.
  • Thus the so-called catfish is not unlike the large turbot.
  • We stopped at one of them, and bought a small catfish for dinner.
  • Brook trout, perch, catfish and other well-known fish are good fried.

How To Use Catfish In A Sentence?

  • On both evenings they found suitable camping places, and had some excellent sport fishing for catfish and eels by night.
  • There they anxiously waited for results, as the catfish is not game like the trout, but is slow and deliberate in all its movements.
  • The small fish to be found there which would take the hook in winter were probably the non-migratory species like perch, catfish and suckers.
  • Well the catfish had a big belly too, so we beat 'em on his belly until he opened his mouth and out came one of these women's snapper pocketbooks.
  • To the right from the dank water of a quarry pool abandoned long since to catfish and willows, a milk-white mist was rising eerily into the moonlight.
  • Their catfish is the only sort in which we excel; they have none that answer to our blue cat, either in size or flavor, and nothing like our mud-cat.

Definition of Catfish

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