Catholicity In A Sentence

Definition of Catholicity

The quality of being catholic, universal or inclusive. | Catholicism.

How To Use Catholicity In A Sentence?

  • In Louisville there is a certain catholicity in the matter of big entertainments.
  • He believed, with all his heart, in the Catholicity of the Anglican persuasion.
  • And what are Catholicity and Huguenotism but political factions, with a different set of prayers?
  • All standing dissent is of the devil; while Christianity and Catholicity are of God and Heaven.
  • It is marvellous that within such limits she should have attained such comparative catholicity of vision.
  • But a few specimens will do no harm and may incidentally serve to reveal the scope and catholicity of our operations.
  • There was a great catholicity in his reading; and he showed a fine tact in his comments, and in his way of appropriating what he read.
  • A fairly well-read man himself, for a sea-adventurer, he glimpsed a wide-ness of range and catholicity of taste that were beyond him.
  • I say, with greater reason, because in most of these the foundations of Catholicity are laid even more deeply than they are here.
  • But he is blind to the signs of the times who can not see that the grip of ecclesiasticism is slipping and the bonds of true catholicity becoming strengthened.
  • The fact was that the Council of Constance was a great innovator, and that Huss stood for the true catholicity of old.
  • He should not be censured for what he never meant to supply: we should rather strive to cultivate catholicity of taste by extracting from his poems the information and enjoyment they are so well able to furnish.
  • The opening chapters of Genesis and Chronicles are among the foundations of the catholicity of the Church of Christ.

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