Catiline in a sentence

How to use Catiline in a Sentence?

  • Not knowing that he was thus betrayed, Catiline set about ridding himself of his great antagonist.
  • Still Catiline had not been guilty of any overt act which enabled Cicero to attack him.
  • These last seemed to see a chance of ruining him when the conspiracy of Catiline was discovered and crushed.
  • Then Catiline smote the penitent thief heavily over each of the thighs and then across the shoulder bone.
  • This time the secret was better kept, but the impatience of Catiline hindered the plot from being carried out.
  • Vulturcius then begged that the letter which he was carrying from Lentulus to Catiline should be brought in and opened.
  • In the house of one or the other of them, indeed, the meeting at which Catiline first unfolded his purposes was believed to have been held.
  • It was complicity in this rising that Cicero now sought to establish against Catiline and his partisans in Rome.

Short Example Sentence for Catiline

  • Is Catiline at our gates?
  • But, you will say, Catiline and Antonius are formidable.
  • Sergius Catiline belonged to an ancient family which had fallen into poverty.
  • P. Nigidius Figulus supported Cicero during the Catiline conspiracy.
  • Then Catiline looking up at Jesus said, "Behold, he is already dead.