Catnip In A Sentence

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  • I loathed the odor of catnip and she knew it.
  • I guess that must be the catnip we smell so strong.
  • Access to technical power acted like catnip on certain of these youngsters.
  • We al's used catnip tea ta cure mos' ever'thing.
  • You know I never smoked anything but a little catnip and mullen for tizik.
  • Old Mistus looked after us, giving us teas made of catnip and vermifuge.

How To Use Catnip In A Sentence?

  • Because they got a little wet they must go to bed and take catnip tea, or something, and be quiet.
  • But catnip didn't nip his ambition and thoroughwort wuzn't thorough enough to restore his cheerfulness.
  • The lamp on the table flashed and smoked and sputtered; the room was littered with flying papers and catnip leaves.
  • This combination of power, technical mastery, and effective anonymity seemed to act like catnip on teenage boys.
  • We plucked curiously at a bed of catnip and wondered whether the animal had journeyed so far to enjoy what is always such a treat to her domestic sisters.
  • Nobody but myself, her only living relative, knew that the Crimson Diamond lay among the sprigs of catnip in the little velvet bag.

Definition of Catnip

Any of the about 250 species of flowering plant of the genus Nepeta, family Lamiaceae, certain of which are said to have medicinal qualities. | (figuratively) Something that causes excitement or interest.

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