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How To Use Cattle In A Sentence?

  • You can make more by raising coal in one year than you can by raising cattle all your life.
  • Yielding to his half-formed resolve, he dug up his herd of cattle and put them on the table.
  • If the cattle were not there I should be compelled to give over the hunt for that day.
  • As a matter of fact, she does not begin to know the cattle trails as I know them.
  • The same cattle now are selling for L5, and Kerry is a great stock-breeding country.
  • The Stockman had cattle on a thousand hills, the Merchant habitually sold goods at cost.
  • You haven't taken to cattle quite as kindly as I'd 'a' liked, but you know a lot about coal.
  • As for Donald O'Neary, he had cattle and sheep all his days to his heart's content.
  • It was the coat that he had worn on the night that he had ostensibly salted the cattle in the far pasture.
  • Then it was very quiet in the garden, and the widow and her daughter were frightened and hurried on to their cattle in the field.
  • For each one of us had seen that one-minded pilgrimage of the brown cattle take place in moons gone by.
  • She was laughter, as the little children laugh when the cattle are loosed from the byres at last to feed in the valleys.
  • Fulk's sales of cattle had been, for the first time, more than enough to clear his rent.
  • So while he waited for an answer he sent his cattle ahead of him, and every day as he rode he watched for a messenger from home.
  • Then, as the cutting and re-cutting was finished, the cattle were punched up the chutes and crowded into the cars.
  • They had poultry in their yards, sheep on the uplands, and scores of cattle in the meadow land alongside the river.
  • Lying conspicuously near the cattle trail that led upward into the higher hills, was a large piece of fresh beef.
  • The old cynical look came into his squinted eyes, and he strung out the cattle methodically until they came to the home ranch.
  • A detail of prisoners, under guard, was made to load the wagons, and a herd of beef cattle was driven down.
  • The peat bog won't beggar me, and the cattle at Ingvorstrup have all the hay they can eat.
  • You see, along of cattle wars and killings, for a good many years back, folks has been kind of shy of that part of the country.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cattle | Cattle Sentence

  • The cattle all over the place.
  • The cattle are liable to hook her.
  • And the cattle all wondered whatever was coming.
  • His mother had a farm and cattle and money.
  • Fair, price of cattle at, 273.
  • A story of the Cattle Range.
  • My cattle shouldn't have been sent there.
  • He was esteemed the best judge of cattle in all that region.
  • I understood he was a breeder of cattle and proud of his stock.
  • Everything was withered up, and our cattle carried off by the murrain.
  • Indeed cattle outrages became incidents of nightly occurrence.
  • The cattle and sheep are killed and the meat prepared for our use.
  • I've got a buyer in sight now for the cattle and the land.
  • On the western plains great herds of thousands of sheep and cattle are raised.
  • The native cattle are extinct, but the island is full of artificial breeds.
  • Back of it were barns and sheds, and I saw cattle and sheep grazing.
  • Well, you follow his trail close about cattle or hosses and you'll win out.
  • So the Bar Cross Cattle Company was founded; range, the Jornado.
  • They were herded, like cattle to a slaughterhouse, to the town's square.

Definition of Cattle

Domesticated bovine animals (cows, bulls, steers etc). | Certain other livestock, such as sheep, pigs or horses. | (derogatory, figuratively) People who resemble domesticated bovine animals in behavior or destiny.
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