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  • All these are causative verbs like the Sco.
  • Irritating secretions are thought to be causative in the acuminated variety.
  • The weak verb is frequently the causative of the corresponding strong verb.

How To Use Causative In A Sentence?

  • In prose +sopor+ has only a causative meaning, a┬ámeans of producing sleep, but not a deep sleep.
  • Art, being the causative force itself, should bring about the upheaval whose final manifestation is complete and satisfying.
  • Conditions favoring a persistent miliaria have also a causative influence, especially observed in infants and young children.
  • Intense anxiety, fright, and other profound nervous shock are looked upon as causative in sudden graying of the hair.
  • Consequently, it substitutes an abstract term, or generalization of effects, for the idea, or superior form of causative agency.
  • Confining ourselves to ethnology and history, the causative idea, as I have said, makes itself felt through ethnic ideals.
  • You will then recognize libido fixation as the second powerful factor which together with abstinence constitutes the causative factors of the illness.
  • We want to know what these conditions are, what psychic powers form the background for these pathological conflicts, what relation the conflict bears to the causative factors.
  • In this discharge can be usually noted minute, friable, yellowish or yellowish-gray bodies representing conglomerate collections of the causative fungus.
  • This would be a miracle as long as no causative 'nexus' was conceivable between the antecedent, the noise of the shout, and the consequent, the atmospheric discharge.

Definition of Causative

acting as a cause | (linguistics) expressing a cause or causation | (linguistics) An expression of an agent causing or forcing a patient to perform an action (or to be in a certain condition).
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