Caused A In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Caused A | Caused A Sentence

  • Fruit that caused a war.
  • It caused a sensation.
  • For this very reason it caused a sensation.
  • This caused a break in the conversation.
  • It has caused a great sensation.
  • It might have caused a breakdown.
  • What he had to tell caused a sensation.
  • I caused a measure of scandal.
  • This letter has caused a panic here.
  • This caused a general stir.
  • Intense emotion caused a few to swoon away.
  • War conditions caused a postponement of this improvement.
  • The affair caused a great stir.
  • This soon caused a new complication.
  • The affair had caused a huge commotion.
  • This caused a murmur of incredulity and indignation.
  • He ended with a howl which caused a fog.
  • Of course this caused a great commotion.
  • This caused a great deal of surprise.
  • Which caused a strained relationship between the two.
  • Sometimes he even caused a smoke to be made.
  • This caused a remarkable sensation among the party.
  • She frequently caused a giggle to do duty for speech.
  • It caused a passing sadness in the midst of his happiness.
  • Her death caused a complete reversal of affairs.
  • It struck him between the eyes and caused a howl of pain.
  • This caused a ripple of excitement among the settlers.
  • The way he said it caused a lot of merriment.
  • The appearance of the freshmen caused a brief delay.
  • So the abbot caused a buoy to be fastened to the rock.
  • The name caused a vast mirth in her captor.
  • This sermon caused a mighty commotion in the district.
  • The remark caused a good deal of laughter.
  • This little incident caused a general departure.
  • This bit of pleasantry caused a general laugh.

How To Use Caused A In A Sentence?

  • Their advent caused a momentary check to merriment.
  • This speech caused a remarkable sensation among the party.
  • Further, it caused a check in submarine construction.
  • It caused a great falling back of the enemy armies.
  • The meetest grief that could have caused a noble despair.
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