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  • What was the good of causing the deluge?
  • What was the good of causing the deluge?
  • Causing the owner to walk invisible.
  • What was the good of causing the deluge?
  • It was this pause that was causing the burning pain.
  • His wrist shook violently, causing the table to quiver.
  • A new pain stabbed her, causing the room to careen.
  • This is the most efficient method of causing the learner to think for himself.
  • One cannot remove it without causing the essential action to suffer.
  • If science has been a factor in causing the war, science has also won it.
  • He slammed the door viciously going out, causing the lamp to sputter.
  • This was repeated three times, causing the solid ground to shake and tremble.
  • It attacks the straw, causing the heads of wheat to fall over and wither away.
  • Second, by extending the ribs sideways, causing the lungs to expand laterally.
  • Why mayn't they enter us sometimes, causing the ills we can't explain?
  • He makes His pleasure shine so bright, Causing the mothers much delight.

How To Use Causing The In A Sentence?

  • The purpose of the powers in the unseen in causing the fight has already been stated.
  • Whenever possible, the nail or other object causing the prick should be examined.
  • A few minutes more and the mists drifted over the opening, causing the vision to disappear.
  • Third, the fiat of will is issued, causing the muscular contractions to be performed.
  • The air was fairly vibrating with heat, causing the blood to surge through my veins.
  • Besides, his heft might have considerable influence in causing the two men to submit.
  • He had confided his intentions to no one, for fear of causing the public anxiety by his absence.
  • A sudden rush of wind swept through the forest, causing the trees to sway and creak.
  • The wind suddenly blew rather hard, roughening the water and causing the boat to tip.
  • The thing was dragging at the water, slowing him down, causing the sub to shudder and lurch.
  • The weather continued extremely bad, the heavy rain causing the greatest discomfort to the troops.
  • The startled driver slammed on brakes, causing the big black truck to slide like a sled.
  • As Hetty has been accused of causing the disturbances, her age is a matter of interest.
  • Foley accused Knight Lightning of causing the nationwide crash of the phone system.
  • The sun was at the noon causing the glass roof of the distant Crystal Palace to gleam.
  • Mr. Bryan could have found no better way of causing the President embarrassment at this crisis.
  • This fact has often been looked on as indicating that the factors causing the changes are biological ones.
  • The earlier masters were not aware of any possibility of difficulty in causing the voice to operate properly.
  • The circumstances alluded to were of a nature he never could be cognizant of without causing the greatest pain both to him and herself.
  • Naturally, no muscular action has ever been defined for causing the tone to perform this remarkable feat.
  • A cheer was the irrepressible impulse of the men on shore, causing the newcomers to stop and listen.
  • The cropping season is lengthened by causing the soil to be warmer and drier earlier in the spring and later in the fall.
  • Hostilities of every nature apparently had ceased, but without causing the travelers to relax in their vigilance.
  • Hence come gropings and roamings which are sometimes prolonged to the point of causing the herd to spend the night out of doors.
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