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  • Do you hear what a cawing the birds make?
  • The crow stopped cawing and bounced up and down on his arm.
  • The cawing of the crow resounds among the woods.
  • Pretty soon they heard Blacky the Crow cawing very loudly.
  • Then such a cawing 'mongst the women!
  • A farmer heard the cawing of the crows and the song of the birds.
  • And in one tree sat a raven, beating his wings and cawing loudly.

How To Use Cawing In A Sentence?

  • When she woke the daws were cawing around the tower and the sun shone through the loopholes.
  • The cawing of a solitary crow on a tree near a house indicates a death in that house.
  • From without, the cawing of rooks and shouts of children at play are faintly audible.
  • A late rook was still cawing overhead; the heifers had gone on towards the courtyard.
  • The cawing of a crow makes him feel at home, while a new note or a new song drowns all care.
  • It seems they had fund Lapraik in ane of his dwams, cawing the shuttle and smiling.
  • There upon her bloated body Fed the cawing crows and ravens, Fed the hungry wolves and foxes.
  • Their shrieking and cawing alternated with the shaman's unintelligible incantations.
  • Blended with the cawing of the rooks came the tolling of the bell for her son's funeral.
  • The stark desolateness of the place was enhanced by the wild cawing of the gulls and the mournful booming of the sea upon the reef.
  • The stillness was complete around, only broken by the cawing of a colony of rooks amongst some distant elms.
  • For he was as big and as black as his father and mother, who were with him; and yet he kept on cawing to them to stuff his beak with sweets.
  • Skinny stood on the limb above like a big crow, cawing to beat the band and so excited that he came near falling again.
  • It was a noise not greatly unlike the faint, distant cawing and hawing of a vast flock of crows as they sometimes congregate in autumn.
  • Rats everywhere, in the sewers and broken walls; in the crumbling belfry above birds, cawing discordantly.
  • Then Mr. Crow said that some of his wild relatives had been cawing about lately, and that was a sign, too.
  • Once after that we heard some crows cawing in the distance, and a little later I heard Bill yell from somewhere down the river.
  • Astounded, the men kissed Boyce's right hand and they didn't even pay attention to Zoro cawing at them.
  • What other attraction the empty nurseries can have for them is a mystery, unless indeed they are sentimental enough to like revisiting old scenes and cawing over old memories.
  • The angry fairy turned herself into a great black raven and flew, cawing hoarsely, over the heads of the banqueters and out of the window with the wind.
  • Presently she started at the sound of a gun, which caused a mighty cawing among the rooks in the trees on the slopes, and a circling of the black creatures in the sky.
  • They scattered in all directions, like a flock of cawing jackdaws that fly a little way in tremendous haste, and then settle again at a distance and caw louder than before.
  • Wafted by the gentle breeze came the dull moaning and whispering of the pine trees, the humming of the wind through the telephone wires, and the discordant cawing of the crows.
  • Not a sound broke the early morning quiet, save the cawing of some crows in a group of pines, and the lazy swash of the sluggish rollers breaking on the shore.

Definition of Cawing

present participle of caw | The act of producing a caw sound.

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