Cease In A Sentence

How To Use Cease In A Sentence?

  • The blunder colt was never too hungry to cease grazing and turn toward adventure.
  • His agony was beyond description and did not cease until half-past ten, when he died.
  • Wait till your oppressor voluntarily renounces oppression, or till it shall cease of itself.
  • Will sufferings never Teach you to cease from your brawls of old between brother and brother?
  • The hour that brings me news that the court is ordered to assemble, I cease to live.
  • These scenes took place usually at the eighth hour (1 A.M.), not to cease until dawn.
  • Many an intricate perplexity of these broadening years did not so much get settled as cease to matter.
  • We shall never cease to admire the logical dexterity with which the champions of necessity assail and worry their adversaries.
  • But his lists of contents, when they cease to be commonplace, are apt to run into the bizarre and the grotesque.
  • The evening meal had always been supper, and so it would remain until that time when he would cease to look forward to it.
  • His prescription was to cease governing Ireland by force and leave her to frame her own constitution.
  • It can, for instance, intimate that it will cease to recruit public servants from schools in which sedition is shown to be rife.
  • When age comes upon us we cease to enjoy as keenly as the young, but we cease to suffer as bitterly as they who are in the spring of life.
  • Or cease from the strife, that is crushing the life From out of our mother's heart?
  • And thereat he broke into a wild outpour of incoherence that did not cease until Grief seized him by the shoulders and shook him into silence.
  • On that hypothesis, let any set of men be strong enough to set their duties at defiance, and they cease to be duties any longer.
  • But if you ever discuss that man in my presence again, I shall cease to regard you even as an acquaintance.
  • As of this moment that will cease and with that, extra trade will commence between Phoride and Besten.
  • If no one paid for stockings, they would cease to be made; and, with the scarcity, the price would not fail to reappear.
  • Hence, when friction occurs, when the facts of the universe cease to be of advantage to the Ego, the fault is in the machine.
  • With one last quotation I cease to draw upon what may be termed outside contributions, and it is one which gratified me at the time.
  • If such compounds should be found, the laws would be no longer true, and the hypothesis of Dalton would cease to possess value.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cease | Cease Sentence

  • They have their day and cease to be.
  • Service and income cease together.
  • Yet you should cease to hang forever on them.
  • I shall never cease to thank him.
  • Finally his eyeballs cease their swift gyrations.
  • The sin will cease when the temptation is removed.
  • Would she never cease to be reminded that she was a gypsy?
  • I shall never cease to pray for you, come what will.
  • May poets never cease to sing for Wales!
  • Marriage should cease when affection between the parties has ceased.
  • They did not cease talking till they reached the door of the house.
  • I think that we must cease to look for him in the class of imitators.
  • But so it seems to be, and we dare not cease to resist them.
  • Zounds, fellow, cease your deaf'ning cheers!
  • Let it now be ended and cease forever," etc., etc.
  • I tell you that I can no more despair that I can cease to love you!
  • I humblie then intreate, To cease on Rovers that doe secure the seas.
  • Never cease thy sighs; Murmur, whisper to my song Answering melodies!

Definition of Cease

(formal, intransitive) To stop. | (formal, transitive) To stop doing (something). | (obsolete, intransitive) To be wanting; to fail; to pass away.
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