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  • The cells are not perfectly hexagonal.
  • The occupants of the last six cells were silent.
  • Concentrated cells of normal humans were still alive.
  • Into how many classes may cells be divided?
  • The nature of these cambium cells is shown in figure 2.
  • The cells were small, but clean and light.
  • Dry cells are made in a large number of shapes and sizes.
  • The number of pairs may indicate the number of cells in the battery.
  • The pupa, or chrysalis, we have found in the cells the last of July.
  • I sang, I laughed, and we filled our cells with wax and honey.
  • Patrick left many cells and establishments in the territory of Dal-Riada.

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  • The currents through all the cells in this case will be equal to that of one cell.
  • The hole is divided by partitions into cells about seven-tenths of an inch long.
  • The social kinds live in nests composed of numerous cells in which the young brood are reared.
  • The experiment was made with gravity cells having 5-inch by 7-inch glass jars.
  • These means are, however, hardly practical except in cells for laboratory use.
  • In opening the cells (Fig. 21), more than one are generally found, even at this season.
  • I think they were like the cells I have seen in the Aran Islands, but I cannot be certain.
  • The worst of it is that if he goes to the cells the other two are neither to hold nor to bind till he comes out again.
  • The difference between cells in this respect rests largely in the means employed for preventing or lessening polarization.
  • In normal growth the cells of this layer are much elongated as seen in tangential section and are relatively straight.
  • On the other hand some cells are so constituted that polarization takes place faster than the means intended to prevent it can act.
  • In none of the wild bees are the cells constructed with more nicety than those of our little Ceratina.
  • This phenomenon is known as polarization, and in commercial cells means must be taken to prevent such action as far as possible.
  • Of these two types of primary cells the intermittent-current cell is of far greater use in telephony than the constant-current cell.
  • Primary cells are those consisting of electrodes of dissimilar elements which, when placed in an electrolyte, become immediately ready for action.
  • For about twenty days the bee continued at work, building new cells and supplying them with pollen....
  • In the Gordon and other cells of this type the copper oxide is contained loosely in a perforated cylinder of sheet copper.
  • This church is a great place for "miracles" of healing, and cells for the sick who come from a distance are freely provided.
  • An inequality in the division of the side cells of the transept vaulting, due to the difference in width of the bays, has a rather curious effect.
  • The bee cut its way out of the cells in March, and lived for a month afterwards on a diet of honey and water.
  • One might as well admonish thistledown, and I can't well put you in cells or under stoppages.
  • It was much spoilt in the fifties: the original plan was a great hall, with a chapel at the end of it, and cells along the side for the almsmen.
  • About the first of August the larva transforms to a pupa or chrysalis, as at this time two pupae were found in cells a foot beneath the surface.
  • These cells are intended to be so proportioned that all of their parts become exhausted at once so that when the cell fails, complete renewals are necessary.
  • On the 28th of May, in unearthing six holes, eight cells were found to contain pollen, and in two of them a small larva.
  • At the time of opening the burrow, July 8th, the cells contained nearly full-grown larvae, with some half developed.
  • The platinum wires extending into the tubes B and D are now connected with the wires leading from two or three dichromate cells joined in series.
  • They construct their cells in the stems of plants, and in rotten posts and trees, or, like Andrena, they burrow in sunny banks.
  • Such cells require little attention, and the addition of water now and then to replace the loss due to evaporation is about all that is required until the elements become exhausted.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cell | plural of cell
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