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  • This celt is made of serpentine and is 190 mm.
  • Rudely shaped chisel or celt of metamorphic schist.
  • A small celt similar to the preceding in form and material.
  • A pebble of coarse sandstone, resembling a celt in shape.
  • There is a celt made of green serpentine, only about 3 mm.
  • A rude, much-battered celt of coarse sandstone or diorite.
  • Large stone celt of coarse sandstone, light gray color.
  • The Scottish Celt is more shifty.
  • Narrow pointed celt 32 22.
  • Narrow pointed celt 32 23.
  • Well polished celt 32 21.
  • Large partially polished celt 30 15.
  • Small wide bladed celt 31 17.
  • Flaked and partially polished celt 32 20.
  • Cylindrical celt with narrow point 33 24.
  • A very fine polished flint celt 12 inches or more in length is also reported.
  • A curved celt of considerable interest, made of a greenish diorite.
  • A small celt of compact greenish slate; one face is flat, the other convex.
  • A celt was a sort of battle axe; sometimes made of bronze, sometimes of stone.
  • A celt 6-3/4 inches long, 2-1/2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.

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  • A large unsymmetrical celt made of coarse yellowish sandstone; one side is much battered.
  • The apple seller was on deck then, and with the wisdom of the Celt she understood.
  • The light-heartedness of the Celt is another feature which strikes the least observant stranger.
  • Heavy celt of gray diorite, 8 inches in length by 3 in width and 2-1/2 in thickness.
  • Some might have been killed had not one inspired Celt given voice to an original idea.
  • A truer type of a Celt could not easily be found; his very caution was stamped with vehemence.
  • A two-edged celt of gray quartzite, 2-1/4 inches long, and three-fourths of an inch wide.
  • The spirits of the Celt and the Gaul seemed to improve as their fare grew worse.
  • The Celt was about to turn for the high bridge at the stern, when Madden stopped him.
  • His mother had been a Highland woman, and the Celt is said to be gifted with second sight.
  • Between the literatures of the Celt and the Saxon there are, indeed, well-marked differences.
  • On the safe tracks behind them, commerce came The unruly spirit of the Celt to tame.
  • IV Matthew Arnold asks how much of the Celt must one imagine in the ideal man of genius.
  • The top is of the form of a symmetrical celt with a dull edge and is bevelled about equally from each side.
  • This edge of the object is somewhat sharpened making the lower end of each tooth resemble the shape of a celt or wedge.
  • But you do think strange thoughts if you have in you any of the dreamy Celt and have been born and nurtured in the cradle of the hills.
  • Mystery enough for any Celt in the battered horn, the ferry and the ferryman yonder in the old-time gown.
  • The weird legends and gloomy creations of the Celt assume a mild and frolicsome feature when interpreted by the Saxon mind.
  • For a nation's wail through the numbers ran, And the soul of the Celt exhaled on his tongue.
  • The family was of Welsh extraction, but in Hubert none of the physical characteristics of the Celt appeared.

Definition of Celt

A prehistoric chisel-bladed tool.
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