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  • He cemented a military monarchy.
  • Bad walls can be cemented and waterproofed.
  • The Cemented Bladder.
  • He has cemented it far more effectively than centuries of legislation.
  • The toe stiffeners and also the counters are now cemented into their places.
  • I hope when your hearts are cemented by wedlock, you will both do better.
  • The houses are made with sun-dried bricks, cemented with bitumen.
  • Alliances must first be cemented with Austria and her neighboring states.

How To Use Cemented In A Sentence?

  • It was cemented rather by antipathy to the prevailing power than by any hope of regaining it.
  • The door itself might have been cemented into the wall for any thread of light that came from it.
  • These are buildings of concepts solidly cemented together with logical relations.
  • There was a kind of permanence in it; the moment had cemented something into bonds.
  • China rests upon a network of local and voluntary associations cemented by custom.
  • It was bolted top and bottom, and the bolts were sort of cemented into their places with rust.
  • But cemented by marriage, the tie, whilst continuing political, becomes also one of blood.
  • And the words, hitherto un-united, which are thus cemented together, are called Extremes.
  • The only friendships that are really with us in the hour of need are those which are cemented by equality of circumstance.
  • In it were a number of very small pieces of broken glass, some of which had been cemented together by their edges.
  • These, when the substance presently hardened, were found to be substantially cemented to the framework.
  • Nor can platinum be cemented into the silica by means of arsenic enamel, nor by any of the softer glasses used for such purposes.
  • They became cemented together, so that the revival of one is apt to call up the other, and this is concurrence.
  • The incident is a good example of the danger of giving play to the imagination on an appearance of a combination of fads cemented by interest.
  • Holes were drilled in the rocks, and strong iron staples cemented in, in which the rope was fastened.
  • The bond that united them was no common one, and had been cemented by a number of experiences shared together for several years back.
  • This was surrounded by four layers of gutta-percha, cemented together by the compound, and about this hemp was wound.
  • No form of cesspool, no leaching vault, and no cemented tank, should be allowed under any circumstances.
  • They appeared to be well-disposed towards us, and our friendship was cemented by the feast of quagga flesh which we got ready for them.
  • I have known marriage relations to be formed and cemented by daughters so neglected, before parents knew even the fact of acquaintanceship.
  • It was porous, almost spongy, and seemed to be the lime dust from the roof and sides cemented by dripping water.
  • Comfortable shelters and a cemented basin twelve feet by twelve, and one foot deep, had been built in each lot.
  • And this conviction, growing stronger with every new experience, had cemented their friendship beyond all possibility of breaking.
  • It was only through an idealistic power that he cemented them together proving that he was a prophet of God, an educator and trainer.
  • They had hewn gun-positions out of solid cliffs, skilfully placed so as to cover the routes of approach, and had cemented up the embrasures.
  • A number of layers or "lifts" of leather are cemented together for the heel, and are put under heavy pressure.
  • Her little principalities had become cemented together under an emperor well able to repel every invasion of the French.
  • The generality of negro houses upon estates contain two apartments, and are built of stone, cemented by a rough mortar.
  • It is often extremely convenient to have two of these cells cemented close together on one slide (Fig.
  • It turns horizontally on a point at the lower end of its axis, which rests on a bit of brass, cemented within a glass salt-cellar.
  • Having obtained the chip, it is first polished on one side, then cemented to a little square of glass, and the other side polished in the same way.
  • To the great joy of Cyrilla and the no small wonderment of the rustics, they became firmly cemented together and the sieve was again made whole.

Definition of Cemented

simple past tense and past participle of cement | Bonded by cement or a similar substance.
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