Censuring In A Sentence

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  • No one is censuring her.
  • At length Diomede spoke out, censuring the king for his cowardly counsel.

How To Use Censuring In A Sentence?

  • There is no subject on which all the world are censuring one another so much as this.
  • So enterprising had they now become that a public meeting was held and resolutions passed severely censuring them.
  • A further inscription beyond that already quoted was once in existence, censuring the judge and jury who condemned him.
  • On the contrary, it assumed that he was justifiable in censuring me as he did, and yet it expressed good feeling for me.
  • Nor does any mistaken idea of kindness prevent the little American girl from censuring her mother whenever it is necessary.
  • Again the lawyer smiled toward the jury, and the judge, censuring the witness, directed him to refrain from unnecessary details.
  • He sees estates bought and sold, squandered and increased, without praising the economist, or censuring the spendthrift.

Definition of Censuring

present participle of censure | An act of censure.
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