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  • Even the census figures are questioned.
  • The first census was in 1801.
  • A census was ordered of all settlements.
  • The census should show them where the skilled workers are.
  • The census of 1890 gives it as 967.
  • The proportion rose at each census from 1851.
  • Some of the contrasts which the census shows are startling.
  • In 1791 the first census was taken.
  • By the census of 1895 it was 663,854.
  • The census of 1860 showed a population of 4418.
  • No separate census of the latter exists at present.
  • For other years official census reports were referred to.
  • According to a recent census only about fifty per cent.
  • How make the census tally with the former enumerations?
  • The census man groups us into age-periods.
  • The census of 1903 shows a population of 7,269.
  • If only the federal census taker could count us now!
  • The census shows less than one-third colored.
  • There has been no Russian census since 1897.
  • The census classification of States is open to objection.
  • Boiled down, I am a census taker of undesirables.
  • See Census of the Philippines, i, pp.
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  • Thoughts Evoked by the Census of Moscow.
  • Twelfth Census of the United States.
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  • See Census of the Philippines, i, p. 473.
  • Eskimos, brief account of, 365-376. Census of, 406.
  • See Census of the Philippines, ii, p. 232.
  • See Census of the Philippines, ii, p. 232.
  • According to "Samuel," David took a census of the people.
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  • See Census of the Philippines, i, p. 66, ii, pp.
  • Dept. Commerce and Labor Census Bureau.
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How To Use Census In A Sentence?

  • Tuberculosis in the U. S. Census Report 1908.
  • Examine then for yourselves the returns of the last census on this point.
  • The census of the various municipalities has been returned for each barrio.
  • The question of the new census will have to be gone into carefully.
  • The handwriting is on the wall in the shape of the present census report.

Definition of Census

To collect a census. | An official count or enumeration of members of a population (not necessarily human), usually residents or citizens in a particular region, often done at regular intervals. | Count, tally.
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