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  • In the center there is a fountain.
  • Lennie was the center of family pride.
  • Jane and her basket were the center of an excited group.
  • It hit right in the center of his tail.
  • The source is the center of a sphere of sound vibrations.
  • The firing up in the center of the town now grew more severe.
  • There was a fountain in the center splashing in the midst of flowers.
  • King went and stood under the center light with his left arm bared.
  • A biplane, it had wings that tapered somewhat from the center to the tips.
  • They were the center of a ring of flame, but they fought back savagely.
  • In the center of the room stood the table, with a cover of red oilcloth.
  • In the very center of the desert is a little settlement called Eden Valley.

How To Use Center In A Sentence?

  • The dot that you made in the middle of the sheet is no longer its center of weight.
  • Inch by inch, he drew away from the center of the stream and slowly neared the bank.
  • Frank, Jack and the others a moment later found themselves in the center of the ring of pirates.
  • The one in the center shows the cut-in, of which another form is described in connection with Fig.
  • The center of the home range has been called the "center of activity" (Connell, 1954).
  • This is of aluminum and it has in its center a forwardly deflected portion forming a chamber for the electrodes.
  • Frank, Jack, Captain Glenn and Williams found themselves the center of a body of armed men.
  • Sound waves are concentrated against the center of the diaphragm by the mouth-piece, which is of the familiar form.
  • In the very center of the room in the hooded mahogany cradle was another crumpled rose-leaf of a child.
  • Through the center of the cable runs the telephone wire which connects the observer in the basket with the battery with which he works.
  • The individual concentrated its movements near one center for three to five days then moved to the other center.
  • From the center of the armature projects the tapper rod carrying the ball or striker which plays between the two gongs.
  • Show step by step the various operations of a telephone system wherein the lines center in a magneto switchboard.
  • The center portion of this mica washer is therefore rigid with respect to the front electrode and partakes of its movements.
  • The one at the right is best and perhaps most common; the center one is the poorest and least used.
  • In uniform habitat the home range is roughly circular and is used most near its center and least toward its periphery.
  • Its two rotary engines are fixed in small nacelles between the planes, while the pilot rides in a center fuselage.
  • The wide glass door in the center opened on a small terrace, from which a few steps led to the flower-beds.
  • The wings were strengthened by center spars of steel tubing, which was also used in the construction of the rudder and elevators at the tail.
  • I found myself in my night clothes on the window sill, one leg already out of the window and both hands clutching at the center post.
  • His tail increases the stern resistance, thus helping to draw the center of pressure back to correspond to the center of weight.
  • Had Bert been in the center of that seething maelstrom, nothing could have saved him from instant death.
  • The center of attraction and of coherence in Filipino villages has always been, and is still, the church and the convent.
  • Usually it is some important munition base or factory center that is supplying the German troops, which the airmen set out to bomb.
  • This line is liable to be extended to some store at the village or settlement, thus affording communication between these farmers and the center of their community.
  • There was a five-branched candlestick with tall white candles in the center of the shining mahogany table and William Watters acted as butler.
  • Watertown even then was a rich and promising industrial center and there seemed to be genuine financial opportunities for a railroad that would connect it with the outer world.
  • Nay, I imagined that I was well fitted to let my light shine as the center of a little planetary system of my own.

Definition of Center

Of, at, or related to a center. | (transitive) To cause (an object) to occupy the center of an area. | (transitive) To cause (some attribute, such as a mood or voltage) to be adjusted to a value which is midway between the extremes.
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