Centimes In A Sentence

Definition of Centimes

plural of centime

How To Use Centimes In A Sentence?

  • Spoolers in 1871 received eighty-eight centimes as against one franc thirty centimes in 1891.
  • You hand your coat and cane to an aged harpy, who presides over what is called the vestiaire, pay her twenty-five centimes and give her ten.
  • Besides, we had to ask for a pass two days beforehand, and pay seventy-five centimes for it when it was granted, which was not always the case.
  • The railroad tariff is 0.12 per ton per kilometer; but it is contemplated, it is understood, to reduce this to 7 centimes in a short time.
  • De zusters ontvangen ieder van den staat niet meer dan 35 centimes per dag, terwijl de monniken het dubbele krijgen.
  • Labor cost little; forty-five francs a month for the men from the oasis, fifty centimes a day for those who came from Bokhara.
  • Men betaalt 30 centimes voor een kip, 10 centimes voor vier eieren, en 15 centimes voor vier liter wijn.
  • Some of them, who were almost boys, carried in their pocket an account book of income and expenses, marking down even the five centimes for a glass of water at a station.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Centimes | Centimes Sentence

  • Men betaalt 30 centimes per kilo.
  • The peasants bid five or ten centimes at a time.
  • On paye quinze centimes pour entrer dans la grande nef.
  • For fifty centimes he'll bow low enough to crack himself.

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