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  • Price 6 cents single.
  • Three cents fer a pancake!
  • Three dollars and fifteen cents his bill was.
  • Flexible cloth, 45 cents each.
  • Price, 40 cents per volume.
  • You might get twenty-five cents for the lot.
  • One paid five cents for six of them at the drug-store.
  • It is paid for at the rate of from 45 to 50 cents per cwt.
  • Now wasn't that worth fifty cents of any woman's money?
  • Price of Parts for 1868 and 1869, 75 cents each.
  • In semi-monthly Parts, 50 cents each.
  • Price 50 Cents a Year in advance.
  • Each, 16mo, paper, 4O cents per volume; cloth, 75 cents.
  • Price, 40 Cents per Volume, Postpaid.
  • Cloth Binding, Seventy-five Cents a Copy.
  • These surcharged stamps were then good for five cents only.
  • But it also appeared that it cost a dollar and sixty cents to raise the pair.
  • When this befell her, she had but four dollars and twenty cents in the world.
  • They despatch him with two or three cents to buy candy and nuts and raisins.
  • I pay four dollars a month for my room and twenty cents a day for food.
  • But he thought that, in a pinch, he might bid fifty cents himself.
  • James seemed rather sorry that he had not got as many cents as Rollo.
  • TERMS: Five dollars per annum; or fifty cents per number.
  • The mother, earning $6 a week, gave 25 cents of it to foreign missions.
  • For 1870-72, 50 cents each; or the five to one address for $2.50.
  • The Lithuanian Woman's Alliance provides insurance for 35 cents a month.
  • PRICE 50 CENTS EACH Postage 10c.

How To Use Cents In A Sentence?

  • A $500 tax in a village of 3,000 people is equivalent to about 16 cents for each resident.
  • Seventy-five cents was charged to ride from Utica to Trenton and $1.25 from Utica to Boonville.
  • The girls used to cash in their checks at the end of a night's work at fifty cents a dozen.
  • Could he not restore the odd twelve hundred thousand as soon as the four and a half per cents had risen above a hundred?
  • The only charge is for the gas used, besides a nominal charge of five cents for the use of the kitchen.
  • The postage rate was ten cents for each half ounce; the passenger fare was one hundred dollars in gold.
  • The expense of converting this quantity into lime is about fifty dollars, and it sells for twenty-five cents per bushel at the kiln.
  • There are large areas of copper lands which are now classed as "available" with copper at about its present price of thirteen cents a pound.
  • The charge is forty cents a year each for horses, thirty-five cents a year for cattle, and twelve cents for sheep.
  • The price of corn has advanced from twenty-five cents to sixty-five cents a bushel in ten years, and this in turn raises the price of live stock.
  • In some cases the sums paid are fifty or even twenty-five cents a week, and the shares may be $100 instead of $200.
  • If, on the other hand, copper should rise to fifteen or twenty cents or higher, the amount of available copper land would be vastly increased.
  • On one occasion the committee sent me a return check of forty-two dollars and some cents with a statement that the full amount had not been expended.

Definition of Cents

plural of cent
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