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  • Saladin did five centuries ago.
  • The walls are as they were five centuries ago.
  • This question was asked many centuries ago.
  • They were more numerous two centuries ago than at present.
  • The towering castle was begun twelve centuries ago.
  • But that was long, long centuries ago.
  • It had been made by thieves, centuries ago.
  • The costume marks the sea-captain of four centuries ago.
  • In the solemn midnight, Centuries ago.
  • In the solemn midnight, Centuries ago!
  • In the solemn midnight, Centuries ago?
  • In the solemn midnight, Centuries ago.
  • In the solemn midnight, Centuries ago!
  • It is the tomb of some old dignitary who lived several centuries ago.
  • In that fuel is a store of energy deposited there perhaps centuries ago.
  • All forgot centuries ago, but the work he thought out is here still.
  • In the bogs trunks of oak and fir are found lying as they fell centuries ago.
  • Some centuries ago his hair would have bristled like the ruff of an angry dog.
  • All abandoned these hilltops centuries ago, leaving their palaces to decay.
  • The past, even of a few centuries ago, never entertained it.
  • This age demands truth, not the belief of a person who lived centuries ago.
  • Le Sage has described them as they were nearly two centuries ago.
  • A bunch of colonists went out there, oh, four or five centuries ago.
  • Centuries ago, the sovereigns of Austria were buried in these vaults.
  • Centuries ago the Chinese had made great progress toward civilisation.
  • They act exactly as the Pharisees acted nineteen centuries ago.

How To Use Centuries Ago In A Sentence?

  • They seem to have come from trees that grew on the island perhaps centuries ago.
  • More than three centuries ago, the most intellectual of the human race was born.
  • Wild creatures had made it centuries ago, on their way from the hills to the river.
  • Such is the information one gets by looking over the records of books written three centuries ago.
  • The site was a natural basin, the dam of which had been broken down or eroded centuries ago.
  • By all the precedents of progress Panama should have been prosperous centuries ago.
  • The sun, as ancient as they, rose and set upon them now as it did centuries ago.
  • Yet, less than three centuries ago, his predecessors were men of mark and consideration.
  • It seemed to have been a church, partly ruined in the war of two centuries ago and later rebuilt.
  • They believed in the principles of the great Reformation of three centuries ago.
  • He died several centuries ago, and a great many things have happened since his time.
  • All I know about it is the tradition that some one was starved in the tower centuries ago.
  • Most of the burial places of the Pharaohs had been found and looted many centuries ago.
  • When phosphorus was discovered, nearly three centuries ago, it was considered a miraculous thing.
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