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  • Think of the centuries of serfdom and superstition through which their blood has crawled.
  • There is a relation between the hours of our life and the centuries of time.
  • Centuries of oppression were about to be repaid by years of a wild carnival of slaughter.
  • All the centuries of bringing women up to be toys must have had its fruit somehow.
  • Three centuries of rule or misrule make a considerable impression on any people.
  • They remained a threat to navigation until they disappeared under three centuries of harvesting.
  • Centuries of civilization have ground into the female of the species one particular lesson.
  • Has it already exhausted its vital force by two or three centuries of hyperexertion?
  • Deliberately to limit our view to the history of a single race, to a few centuries of records?
  • He runs over the arguments on both sides, and recalls the centuries of discussion on the subject.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Centuries Of | Centuries Of Sentence

  • There are scores and centuries of them.
  • Centuries of being let alone!
  • Their centuries of land-stealing are in the way.
  • The thrall of centuries of housed ancestors was on him.
  • After centuries of turmoil, there was peace.
  • Seven centuries of slavery have done their work well.
  • It is the fatalism based upon centuries of history.
  • That means a couple of centuries of pain, however.
  • What is meant by "centuries of repression"?
  • For whole centuries of folly, noise and sin!
  • For the first three centuries of its existence (circ.
  • Such was the result of a few centuries of Christianity.
  • How many centuries of peace would have developed a Grant?
  • Four Centuries of Art.
  • Two Centuries of Irish History (1691-1870).
  • The fine centuries of Augustus and of Louis XIV.
  • He has cemented it far more effectively than centuries of legislation.
  • I have lived through centuries of horror during that terrible war.
  • But between us was the barrier of centuries of opposing traditions.
  • He is the product of centuries of enlightened struggle and successful effort.
  • It was very dark, and impregnated with centuries of incense.
  • What hero in all the centuries of history attains to the grandeur of our hero?
  • He saw in each the exponent of centuries of human passions and activities.
  • Centuries of labour are here represented in noble form and beauty of outline.
  • After centuries of fighting they refuse to play fair any longer.
  • Behind it lie centuries of slow development and progress in the arts of life.
  • Over thirty centuries of human progress are thus passed under review.
  • The blocks were huge, weathered by centuries of wind and sand.
  • On the contrary, she might look for centuries of peace in the south.
  • Built by men's hands, the result of centuries of work.
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