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  • The faithful centurion was soon found.
  • A centurion of the Thirtieth.
  • At this moment a centurion thrust his spear into the side of the dead.
  • The crew to which the centurion belongs sneer too much to laugh out.
  • A centurion whose servant was dear to him, was sick and ready to die.
  • The centurion may have been at the side of Jesus from the arrest to the end.
  • The centurion said: "It shall be done at once.
  • In the Gospel by Luke we read of the centurion who had a sick servant.
  • At the side of the litter walked Cinna, in company with the centurion Rufilus.
  • Malheureusement pour lui, Centurion ne connaissait pas encore Fausta.
  • Then said the centurion to Jesus, "Wilt thou not drink?
  • The centurion Diogenes Verecundus was raised to the dignity of Sexumvir.
  • Where's the Centurion Sanga, and his band Of rascal runaways?

How To Use Centurion In A Sentence?

  • The centurion did not keep his soldiers in better order than she keeps her guests.
  • The centurion who had returned from Pilate, stood on the right of the cross giving orders.
  • This was the acknowledgment of Christ by the centurion who superintended His crucifixion.
  • The centurion Rufilus, approaching the litter, gave explanations in a calm, official voice.
  • The actual work, however, was performed by the hands of Roman soldiers with a centurion at their head.
  • The centurion in charge pronounced, or rather sang out monotonously, words of command, in virtue of which a soldier began to nail the feet.
  • It is meet now that you wear a tonsure that you who are no longer a centurion should forget these 'Come, and he cometh,' ways.
  • In front marched the centurion holding in one hand the staff of authority, followed by Jesus, staggering painfully under the burden of his cross.
  • Never is man his own master till, like the centurion with his soldiers, he can say to joy come and to grief or anger or anxiety go, and be obeyed of these.
  • We picked our way in and out among fluted marble columns, the very ruins, some insist, of the synagogue which the good centurion built for the city he loved.
  • The Centurion of all times has had much to be proud of, and he has not been blind to his blessings, nor ashamed to acquaint the world with his great good fortune.

Definition of Centurion

(historical) An officer of the ancient Roman army, in command of a century of soldiers. | (cricket) A player who scores a century. | (US) A pilot in the United States Navy who has performed 100 night landings on an aircraft carrier.
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