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  • Sub-hemiplegia from cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Clearly you must believe me in distinct cerebral decline.
  • Protocerebrum: the primitive anterior cerebral vesicle.
  • Left hemisphere, showing cerebral localisation 17.
  • Otherwise cerebral concussion would be the invariable result.
  • Diagram to illustrate cerebral mechanism of speech, after Bastian 18.

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  • There were no collateral symptoms to furnish any evidence of organic cerebral trouble.
  • The cerebral convolutions are plainly marked upon the inner surface of the cranium.
  • By this change, there is mental relaxation attended with invigoration of the cerebral organ.
  • Some little cerebral congestion, no doubt due to over-stimulation of the centres of thought.
  • Frequent pulse-takings and cerebral massage, with late evening strolls in the pine woods.
  • In Crocodiles the cerebral hemispheres have a tendency to a broad circular form.
  • Is it justifiable to make a contingent profit out of your cerebral vertebrae or your popliteal space?
  • It is the smallest of the cerebral nerves, and is appropriated to the external straight muscle of the eye.
  • The brain or the cerebral life is therefore to the whole mental life as the point of a knife is to the knife itself.
  • Gall therefore argued that we must consider the cerebral hemispheres to be the seat of the higher functions of the mind.
  • It is considered a substitute for digitalis, especially valuable as a diuretic and where cerebral anemia exists.
  • In a word, increase of the cerebral circulation is the formula covering the majority of observations on this subject.
  • It was a routine case, differing in no respect from what is ordinarily witnessed as a sequence of cerebral hemorrhage.
  • They extend from the anterior to the posterior part of the brain, and wind their way into other parts of the cerebral organ.
  • This is as we should expect, for they form a part of the whole cerebral mechanism which presides over the voice in speech and song.
  • This, of course, is equivalent to postulating the cerebral cortex as the exclusive seat of higher intellection.
  • The cerebral lobes are relatively large and convex, and deserve the descriptive name "hemispheres.
  • They denied localization of cerebral functions, but they demonstrated the localization of certain nervous processes in other portions of the brain.
  • As to the conditions of life itself, there are certainly many factors at work which secure favorable influences for our cerebral activity.
  • This disturbance of the cerebral organ is attended with unpleasant sensations, dizziness, loss of memory and consciousness.
  • Very often, too, it is suffering from cerebral anaemia, caused by poverty and an anti-hygienic education.
  • Toil has in itself no spell to conjure with, but its recurrences of molecular action, cerebral and muscular, are as delightful as rhyme.
  • He wondered vaguely where Hellman got the energy, and decided that he was just too cerebral to know when he was starving.
  • Dr. Guye supposes that these nasal troubles affect the brain by preventing the cerebral lymph from circulating freely.
  • Neurologists would seem scarcely to have a place in the war except for wounds of nerves {259} and the cerebral location of missiles and lesions.
  • His doctrine of Phrenology was shown to be absolutely illogical; consequently it was forgotten that he was the pioneer of cerebral localisation.
  • The early certitude on the sex-differences in the weight of the brain and in the proportion of the cerebral lobes has been completely turned upside down.
  • Dr Phippeny Piecraft had no belief in the immortality of the soul: his studies in cerebral pathology had disposed of that question long ago.
  • When the cerebral organ has been temporarily debilitated by protracted intellectual efforts, it is ineffectual to attempt any concentrated mental exercise.
  • This is the history of by far the largest majority of those sudden deaths due to cerebral hemorrhage, and also the history of most of the cases of imbecility with the overweights.
  • He seems to think that there is a real connection between the cerebral theory and his great fundamental law; but it is not easy for a common reader to discern or to explain it.
  • His cerebral organization has not yet advanced to that condition, any more than his bones have advanced to the hardness, rigidness, and strength of manhood.
  • We are able, in most instances, at least, to trace a correspondence between the development of the cerebral lobes and the amount of intelligence possessed by the person.

Definition of Cerebral

(anatomy, medicine) Of, or relating to the brain, cerebrum, or cerebral cortex. | Intellectual rather than emotional. | (linguistics, obsolete) Retroflex.
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