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  • The method of their ceremonies was as follows.
  • Knighthood, ceremonies of, 14, 15.
  • The ceremonies were also reminiscent of the Deluge.
  • The Time when all Ceremonies are laid aside, 105.
  • There were many different ceremonies that they used to go through.
  • It is used for all the feast-days and ceremonies of the royal Audiencia.
  • On the Yangtze formal burial ceremonies are seldom performed.
  • The Sun Dance and Other Ceremonies of the Oglala Division of the Teton-Dakota.

How To Use Ceremonies In A Sentence?

  • Enough has been said of these mystery ceremonies to indicate that they were very remarkable.
  • Friendship should be surrounded with ceremonies and respects, and not crushed into corners.
  • Then followed the solemn ceremonies that had been observed on the spot for nigh a thousand years.
  • The ceremonies attendant upon death and burial are nearly the same in the cases of men and women.
  • He pointed out that forms and ceremonies were made for man, not man for forms and ceremonies.
  • They repeated the ceremonies of the eleventh century in the coronation of the present Queen.
  • The rites and ceremonies of the Mussulmen were abolished; the call to prayer was no longer heard.
  • The title is the same as the name of the ceremony or one of the ceremonies which the person performs.
  • He was acting as a sort of master of the ceremonies at the entertainment the servants were giving me.
  • I was convinced that this man of forms and ceremonies and fanatical royalism was perfectly heartless.
  • Either he was conciliated by ceremonies and invocations, or some bargain or compact was made with him.
  • Until these ceremonies had been performed no one would clear out the patch where they intended to plant the crop.
  • Steven laughed so suddenly that the little master of ceremonies jumped up and turned a startled face towards him.
  • The fines are expended in buying chickens and pigs for the pa'-tay ceremonies of the pueblo.
  • They have renamed wells and images and given new meanings to ceremonies of spring and midsummer and harvest.
  • This looseness may be due in part to the absence of a developed cult having the ceremonies in charge from generation to generation.
  • Can we believe that such laws and ceremonies were made and instituted by a merciful and intelligent God?
  • A head has no part in the ceremonies for palay fruitage and harvest, or in any of the numerous agricultural or health ceremonies of the year.
  • In this convent the community ceremonies are observed, in accordance with the rigor of the rules of Espana.
  • After the grave ceremonies of the day were over, the real festivities began, and every kind of diversion occupied the numberless visitors.
  • Grahame, who had been master of ceremonies and ring master for the afternoon circus, had not changed his dress of knee-britches and ruffed shirt.
  • Near the center of the large village, surrounded by the lodges, was the open space where games were played and their various ceremonies enacted.
  • So she went and called, and entered in at the gate with all the ceremonies of joy that her husband Christian had done before her.
  • Accordingly, they are received with all kinds of expiatory ceremonies prescribed thousands of years ago, and still in force to-day.
  • He took great delight in what I had to relate concerning our beautiful ceremonies and the dignity of our prelates in their pontifical vestments.
  • The nature of the doctrines of Zoroaster and the rites and ceremonies of the Magians had for centuries exercised the uninitiated.
  • After either of these ceremonies the person returns to the dwelling, kills, cooks, and, with other members of the family, eats the chicken.
  • Let us suppose you about to attempt a reconciliation with the present Dissenters, as to the doctrines and ceremonies of the Church.
  • Shops were to be closed for two hours at midday, during the ceremonies attending the unveiling of the Yetive monument in the Plaza.
  • Did most ancient peoples show their loyalty to the gods by their lives and deeds or by the ceremonies of the ritual and the offerings which they brought to the altars?
  • These ceremonies and the songs and prayers were to ask for a blessing on the hunt and on the corn, and to learn whether they would be blessed in both.
  • The first great prophet Amos declared that Jehovah hated and despised feasts and ceremonies unless accompanied by deeds of justice and mercy.

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plural of ceremony
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