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  • The ceremony was over.
  • But now the ceremony was beginning.
  • The ceremony was both long and tedious.
  • In grave ceremony it was performed.
  • The confirmation ceremony was most grand.
  • It was both a long ceremony and very tedious.
  • Pausanias says that the ceremony was of extreme antiquity.
  • And now let us proceed with the ceremony of marriage.
  • So we thought we might as well drop ceremony and all come.
  • The Ceremony of watering it, 66.
  • The Ceremony of Marriage has begun.
  • He was soon dressed for the greater ceremony of a first visit.
  • First, there is the little ceremony of the clinical thermometers.
  • She got so nervous toward the end of the ceremony that she began to cry.
  • The ceremony will be over all the quicker, and will cost less trouble.
  • The ceremony must not be lengthened unduly, however interesting.
  • This was absolutely the last thing, the last ceremony of an imperative rite.
  • San Martin himself entered without ceremony after dark a few days later.
  • If not, I do wish you would waive ceremony and come and dine with us.

How To Use Ceremony In A Sentence?

  • He was introduced to the company, but his news would hardly keep until the ceremony was over.
  • He wasted time in ceremony and childish detail, and in the exaggeration of what he had done.
  • The half-a-dozen who had attended the ceremony out of curiosity had already melted away.
  • The boy obeyed, with grave ceremony and a hostility which divined an unpleasant mission.
  • It seemed to Dolly but a part of the state and the ceremony that oppressed her.
  • The ceremony was the Bonds, performed to consecrate the union of two in marriage.
  • When the ceremony had been gone through I complained of fatigue, and requested to be left alone.
  • The Pope ordered the cardinals to perform a funeral ceremony at Rome in his honour.
  • He had just retired, but Harry and Dave were without ceremony admitted into his bedroom.
  • The same horrid ceremony accompanied the feast of the mother of the gods, Teteo Innan.
  • The next and the following Days, he made his Visits of Ceremony to the Cardinals.
  • I admired the degree of old-fashioned ceremony and superannuated courtesy that prevailed in this little place.
  • There was always one ceremony that had to be faithfully performed, no matter how sleepy he might be.
  • Kassa has a mild and rather irresolute face, and was evidently nervous at the unaccustomed ceremony he was about to go through.
  • When these old tales were told with all proper ceremony and respect, they were told on four successive nights.
  • You seem willing to abate the religious ceremony of marriage, so far as to allow each couple to let it be to its liking.
  • Such a thing was utterly impossible, for surely no man could go through the marriage ceremony without knowing something about it.
  • Immediately after the little silence that follows on the ceremony there entered the native officer who had played for the Lushkar team.
  • It was her last act ere she donned her white armour, and passed forth from her chamber to take part in the ceremony of the coronation.
  • Then at last the ceremony was done, and the Indian with his bare hands threw the earth over the hole in the mound.
  • A special ceremony is needed before unselfishness can be inspired among blacks who have lived much among adherents of the Gospel.

Definition of Ceremony

A ritual, with religious or cultural significance. | An official gathering to celebrate, commemorate, or otherwise mark some event. | (uncountable) A formal socially established behaviour, often in relation to people of different ranks; formality.
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