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  • But neither certification nor sterilization should be compulsory.

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  • So far at any rate as our knowledge is concerned, the certification of being consists in perceivability.
  • Requirements for certification of teachers and administrators for elementary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges.
  • Requirements for certification of school teachers and administrators for elementary schools, secondary schools and Junior colleges.
  • In Canada all cheques are presented to the "ledger-keeper" for certification before being presented to the paying teller.
  • The harbor authorities demanded a certification for pennant and war flag, also papers to prove that I was the commander of this warship.
  • Materially the principle involves the difference of objective probation according as it goes with or without the factor of absolute certification which lies in confession.

Definition of Certification

The act of certifying. | The granting of a certificate. | A professional qualification that certifies a person's ability.
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