Chagrin In A Sentence

Definition of Chagrin

(obsolete) Feeling chagrin; annoyed; vexed, fretful.[17th to 18th centuries.] | (transitive) To bother or vex; to mortify. | (reflexive, obsolete, rare) To be vexed or annoyed.

How To Use Chagrin In A Sentence?

  • Do not break before the other will by an exhibition of chagrin that your authority is defied.
  • All the anger and chagrin which he had concealed so well in their presence surged up.
  • There was absolutely no glory left for her, and chagrin gradually consumed her.
  • Joy is the veritable state of your soul, and chagrin is more unlike to you than to anyone.
  • To his chagrin and amazement, she appeared to be shocked and even to resent it.
  • He was bitter, acrid with chagrin and obliteration, struggling as if to assert his own existence.
  • Sandy, whose chagrin over his blunder had sent him to the background, came promptly forward.
  • He regarded his portion with chagrin while Miss Gaskett went off triumphantly to make a sandwich.
  • This accounts for the utter chagrin which men feel at the treatment they receive when they lose their property.
  • With emotions of chagrin and humiliation he found himself obliged wholly to readjust his estimate of himself and his powers.
  • But though he promised this to himself with feline relish, apprehension and chagrin were still working.
  • As for his killing you in cold blood, that thought comes from your excitement of the moment and your chagrin at your overthrow.
  • Speedily as challenge had followed insult, he saw with chagrin that there was no hope of keeping the matter secret.
  • Wilding was moody and thoughtful, filled with chagrin at this unconscionable rashness of the man upon whom all his hopes were centred.
  • One consequence of the patriotic chagrin Meredith produced in me was an attempt to belittle his merit.
  • Then he rented the town dress-suit, to the chagrin of three other boys who had each counted upon it for the coming hop.
  • The news had come in over the wire and it created no small amount of chagrin among the Red conspirators.
  • Even Jose shared my disappointment, and rose from his task of writing with an exclamation of chagrin and annoyance.
  • Pausing in front of the picturesque "table rock" that he had come to inspect, the boy uttered an exclamation of chagrin and disappointment.
  • His chagrin at being dragged away was so apparent that Marion and Dicksie sympathized with him and laughed at him.
  • He was rejoiced, however, to find that he might pursue his musical avocations in the house without causing the old father chagrin or irritation.
  • Est-il arrivé quelque chose pendant mon absence qui vous ait déplu et causé du chagrin ou du mécontentement?
  • When this delusion was dispelled, he noted with chagrin that the spoils of Egypt had departed, taking with them some plenty of real money.
  • J'eus encore le lendemain le chagrin de recevoir une visite de ce vilain visage de Eversmann.
  • Being promised the honors of war, he surrendered himself and his one man, to the chagrin of Hamilton, on discovering the size of the garrison.
  • In the excitement of the moment he forgot his carefully practised bow, and the omission brought such chagrin that he started out with the wrong foot.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chagrin | Chagrin Sentence

  • Avait-il des causes particulières de chagrin ?
  • To his chagrin he found that Penny was right.
  • His very chagrin made him bitter and contemptuous more than his wont.
  • Bill hid his disappointment and chagrin and ran up the steps.
  • The officer's chagrin was complete.
  • Osceola's face was a study in chagrin and gloom.
  • His voice vibrating with chagrin and rage admitted his defeat.
  • The stranger's look of chagrin was almost comical.
  • Quel chagrin ce serait de perdre un collègue aimable comme vous !
  • Elle revient pourtant, elle revient le coeur gros de chagrin et de reproches.
  • Octavian cut his career short, and in deep chagrin Gallus committed suicide.
  • As Mrs. Jenkins came in, chagrin and indignation showed on her face.
  • The disappointment and chagrin in his voice shook John's resolution.

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