Challenged In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Challenged | Challenged Sentence

  • Wallie challenged him.
  • Nobody challenged them yet.
  • He dislikes whatever he is challenged to do.
  • His eyes challenged her impishly.
  • Constance saw the smile and challenged it.
  • There were pacifists among us and they challenged him.
  • It challenged her; it even annoyed her.
  • He challenged and fired, and one of us dropped.
  • The troops on both sides challenged each other simultaneously.
  • Nancy's eyes challenged him.
  • Kate's eyes challenged the officer fearlessly.
  • She lifted her head suddenly and challenged him with a high look.
  • That lion, taking offence, had challenged his small foe to mortal combat.
  • Had he not challenged her two or three times to say she didn't care for him?

How To Use Challenged In A Sentence?

  • Her head was high, and there was an air of defiance about her which challenged the eye at once.
  • The sophomores retired to a safe distance and then challenged the freshmen to come out and fight.
  • He thrust his sunburned face forward more aggressively, and challenged her in return.
  • As he spoke, he turned to the table, and there lay the proof that he challenged before him.
  • As they neared their destination, they suddenly were challenged by a French sentry.
  • I once heard an admirer of Walt challenged to name a single masterpiece of his production.
  • I challenged her, and she quoted the Brabants, about whom there had been an ancient scandal.
  • It was not challenged more audaciously in the Northern than in the Southern colonies.
  • Tall and vigorous, wonderfully well proportioned, he challenged comparison with Antinoues.
  • Then King drew rein and dismounted, for he would have been challenged had he ridden much farther.
  • It was late in the afternoon when Mark was challenged by the outposts of the Confederate army.
  • The Terrapin once challenged the Rabbit to a race, which the latter regarded as a joke.
  • Some of these School House kids are awfully sick about the match, and challenged us.
  • As I said, there was nobody immediately about, so I turned to rabbit-face and challenged him.
  • It is a hope for which we cannot merely wait, for we are ourselves challenged to bring it to realization.
  • It was dark and rainy, and they approached the enemy so close that they were challenged and fired at by the sentries.
  • She would hardly come disguised to her own house, for it might have led to her being challenged and asked who she was.
  • This he denied, and challenged the production of the certificate which a candidate always sends in, and which is preserved.
  • The former might have challenged the notice of unfriendly curiosity, which the latter was hardly calculated to attract.
  • He was very much pleased with my flowers, and as it was rather a chilly afternoon, he challenged me to a race.
  • It was here that Neils came across an item in an afternoon paper which challenged his instant attention.
  • Sternly rebuking her, he challenged her with the fact that the child lay dead in a box, with milk and bread beside her!
  • The man who had challenged them was in his shirt sleeves, working at a plank over two wooden horses mending some wire screens.
  • With an intellect that challenged any rivalry, he had, in all that touched worldly matters, the simplicity of a child.
  • The man, evidently the watchman of the place, challenged them, moving his lantern from face to face.
  • Once when the officials of the library of Bologna threw out his books the gentle poet went up there and challenged the whole fifteen!

Definition of Challenged

Lacking some physical or mental attribute or skill; used after adverbs to make politically correct adjectives. | Used following adverbs to make jocular adjectives in imitation of and mocking politically correct adjectives of this kind, as "X-challenged" = "lacking X". | simple past tense and past participle of challenge
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