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  • He was chamberlain at the palace.
  • The poor old chamberlain was completely exhausted.
  • The poor old chamberlain turned very white.
  • The chamberlain smiled at the boy standing modestly aside.
  • A chamberlain came out from the King.
  • And now the Chamberlain was brought to the bar.
  • We learned these details from the chamberlain Amantius.
  • The King rang the bell, a chamberlain entered.
  • He held the office of lord chamberlain of the household from 1704 to 1710.
  • Dorothy Chamberlain (E); 26Dec68; R451660.
  • Dorothy Chamberlain (E); 26Dec68; R451659.
  • Dorothy Chamberlain (E); 8Oct68; R445128.
  • There were bounds even to that, the aged chamberlain told himself.
  • The Jesuit took the chamberlain by the arm and led him to the window.
  • Naturally this was exactly what Mr. Chamberlain did not want.
  • The High Chamberlain here left us, and took his place beside the King.
  • Schweiger, Joseph Freiherr von, chamberlain to the Archduke Rudolph.
  • Let us ask: Ought Oswald to love and honour Chamberlain Alving?

How To Use Chamberlain In A Sentence?

  • He lifted his hat with the air of a court chamberlain when he came to the veranda steps.
  • Then the cart proceeds to the second hut, where the court chamberlain deducts his share.
  • But Mr. Chamberlain goes much further, and claims a far more extensive franchise.
  • Fortunately, Neville Chamberlain has arrived, and he ought to be worth a thousand men to us.
  • The object Mr. Chamberlain has in view is to supply a thoroughly liberal Education.
  • It was Major Chamberlain and his Punjaubees who found water at a short distance from Zulla.
  • It happened that the Chamberlain Watzdorf stood by the side of the beautiful Frances Kolowrath.
  • You have seen the emptiness of my anterooms; you met neither chamberlain nor equerry upon your entrance.
  • When taken unawares by a royal chamberlain he was discovered blowing up his own fire, preparing some frugal dish.
  • The fawn followed them; the maids and the chamberlain followed it, and all followed the music through the forest.
  • All the enthusiasm of which the old chamberlain is capable passes into his face as he speaks of Enrica.
  • Nicholson has come on ahead, and is a host in himself, if he does not go and get knocked over as Chamberlain did.
  • So handsome and brave was he that the Queen fell madly in love with him, and asked her chamberlain to bring the knight into her presence.
  • The chamberlain returned to the Princess and told her with what evident satisfaction Eliduc had received the gifts.
  • Here the story of the letter and his unexpected promotion, told by the chamberlain Frisen, aroused curiosity and envy.
  • The chamberlain was waiting just outside the door, also two ladies in waiting, just as fat as the Queen.
  • As chamberlain to his late highness the Duke of Lucca, it is expected of me to organize every thing.
  • Neville Chamberlain is Adjutant-General of the army, and Pat Grant Commander-in-Chief.
  • He was the grand chamberlain of court, wealthy and hospitable, and took particular pride in fulfilling the functions of an American ambassador.
  • Nor will a Chamberlain be more fortunate in effecting the triumph of Capitalism, with its lust for power, over us.
  • And Amantius the chamberlain used to come to us, sometimes bearing messages from the empress, at other times merely to pay a visit.
  • But he secured the services of the eunuch Amantius, chamberlain of the empress, who arranged for them an audience with Eudoxia.

Definition of Chamberlain

An officer in charge of managing the household of a sovereign, especially in the United Kingdom and in Denmark. | A high officer of state, as currently with the papal camerlengo, but normally now a mainly honorary title. | (obsolete) An upper servant of an inn.
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