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  • Our only chance is to be on the lookout for free spenders.
  • I now beheld a chance of escape within my reach.
  • To my joy, the chance turned in her favor.
  • May I have a chance some time!
  • Here was a chance to try my scheme again, and I did it.
  • But there was no chance of that; there were myriads of them.
  • But the ship's chance is very poor.
  • The audience is given a chance to vote and the cards are collected.
  • The situation is perilous, but there is still one chance of escape.
  • Although the situation is perilous, there is still one chance of escape.
  • In this perilous situation, there is still one chance of escape.
  • The young Fellows undoubtedly stand the best Chance for the great Fortunes.
  • But only this I know, what'er chance brings, I'll patiently endure.
  • Oh, how I wish I'd had a chance to talk to Elinor.
  • Was it true that no one was ever given the chance to be one's best?
  • But you've got a chance to show you're ashamed for what you've done.
  • So I haven't had much chance to hear from that part of the world.
  • Take heed, lest some one issue from your father's, And chance to see you here.

How To Use Chance In A Sentence?

  • I will not even know it myself, but will leave it to chance and the allotment of the housekeeper.
  • I came away just as she was sinking, that you might have a chance of seeing her.
  • I've given you the chance of your life and you've turned me down and insulted me.
  • The academy by chance hung a portrait, so he left the army and turned portrait-painter.
  • It seemed to him now as if God had refused him a chance of proving his repentance.
  • I saw one lowered, and quickly filled with men, eager to snatch this last chance of life.
  • My overcoat had been wet through for three days, and the sun coming out gave me a chance of drying it.
  • Now these eight emirs are so jealous of each other that fierce battles occur whenever two of them chance to meet upon the road.
  • We could make the proper sort of play, and give them the chance they're looking for.
  • The situation is perilous, but if we are prepared to act promptly, there is still one chance of escape.
  • They knew that we were waiting for them, but at the worst they had a fighting chance with us, and none with what came behind.
  • He had meant to wait for his skipper, only there came this smooth of the seas, and he thought he would take his chance at once.
  • If, however, by any chance there are two officers together in one post, they should enjoy themselves.
  • The little children cry out for joy if they chance to find an occasional scarlet or mottled maize knob among so many yellow ones.
  • And then as soon each countenance was chang'd, That chance had brought me so unseasonably.
  • Their jokes, however, if by chance any of them reached the upper end of the table, seldom produced much effect.
  • At length chance took me into that part of the country, and I could not refrain from making some inquiries.
  • Though I was burning to know things, we hadn't the least chance to talk that evening.
  • I can let you have quite a little work myself, and I know there are others who will be glad of a chance to get sewing done.
  • There would be only about one chance in a hundred, I should think, of its proving useful in just the way that mine did.
  • He told me there was the shadow of a chance that you might start in at Seaside Park and wanted me to come along with him.
  • No amount of fuss would bring the poor woman to life again, and the actual murderer had been done justice to by a chance shot from Davidson.

Definition of Chance

Happening by chance, casual. | (archaic, intransitive) To happen by chance, to occur. | (archaic, transitive) To befall; to happen to.
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