Chanced In A Sentence

Definition of Chanced

simple past tense and past participle of chance

How To Use Chanced In A Sentence?

  • Farmer Green chanced to be in the barn at the time.
  • But oh! luckier far, if you chanced to get out!
  • We chanced to be walking up the Hill together.
  • The witch had chanced upon Arbaces.
  • Another bottle, part full, chanced to stand there.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chanced | Chanced Sentence

  • It chanced that they were alone.
  • She chanced to observe him.
  • It chanced that they both wanted her.
  • Now he chanced a lead.
  • But in this he chanced to be mistaken.
  • It chanced he was thinking about her at the time.
  • As it chanced it was quick in coming.
  • It chanced that for a moment they were silent.
  • I chanced to see her arterwards.
  • It chanced that the officer did not see him.
  • He chanced to be standing between the mias and the tree.
  • She had chanced to strike the right chord.
  • Kotzebue chanced to take another path.
  • It chanced that luck rode with the former.
  • She had chanced to be at the gate gathering flowers.
  • There chanced to be a little wine in their stores.
  • It chanced to be a well concealed spot.
  • Why, it chanced in this wise.
  • It did not just grow as circumstances chanced to form it.
  • I have never yet chanced to meet one.
  • I chanced those tracks, and they led me here.
  • But a great deal chanced in that week besides.
  • Quite a reasonable shelter till it chanced to rain.
  • The others who chanced to overhear the observation laughed.
  • At the last moment he had chanced upon her by accident!
  • Suddenly he chanced to think of the old beggar-king.
  • Then he chanced to raise his eyes toward the ceiling.
  • It chanced that once there came a lovely spring evening.
  • I have never chanced to see them taking food of any kind.
  • We chanced to be looking at the moment, and saw it all.
  • It chanced to be the Swede.
  • Now and then, during the day, they chanced to meet.
  • Frank, talking to him, chanced to look up at the roof.
  • Her eyes chanced to fall on Wetter.
  • I chanced to be together on the top of Marahemo.

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