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  • So the change was made.
  • What induced such a change in her?
  • But change your dress.
  • He had the right change for his sovereign.
  • Three hours later there came a sudden change for the worse.
  • Whence comes this hasty change of manners, brother?
  • Where can I change it?
  • These words seemed to produce a great change in Banfi.
  • For as disgust comes on, I change my place.
  • What new device? for I must change my plan.
  • It was purely a conviction that some change was awaiting me.
  • We only succeed in making ourselves unhappy; we do not change in anything.
  • I made no change in my bearing toward him, but always treated him as an equal.
  • But the change went to Ida's heart.
  • I cannot tell you how happy I was at this sudden change in my situation.
  • I shall have to be twice seventy years old before I change my mind as to that.
  • Lumley gave a sudden start, and Gray saw his face change colour.
  • Her love of Mr. Burnett, and then that bitter and passionate change in him!
  • To change dresses with him, And order Parmeno to carry me Instead of him.
  • The change in Gray's manner was too striking to escape Lumley.

How To Use Change In A Sentence?

  • I have seen him change all over when he talked of it, as if it were his real life.
  • We got off and waited for them, wondering what the change of horses might portend.
  • Neither the glories of heaven, nor the terrors of hell, may be sufficient to change its course.
  • It does not put forth a volition, or an exercise of power; it merely suffers a change of place.
  • The game consists in making the two sets of counters change places; moving one at a time.
  • He counted carefully the change handed him by the Chinaman waiter, and raised his head.
  • She could not but be sensible of the change in me, and inquired the cause with her usual frankness and simplicity.
  • It was ten to one against, the owner of the same having enough change in his pockets to get his tiffin here.
  • I may remark here that throughout his long life he was always trading religions and enjoying the change of scenery.
  • A few years of intellectual elevation and development had made a prodigious change in the poor fugitive stripling from the convent.
  • It had been his habit for a great many years to change his religion with his shirt, and his ideas about temperance at the same time.
  • The change of my looks, from youth to manhood, and the change of my circumstances, prevented them from recognizing me.
  • The predominant feeling, however, that overpowered all others was transport at the sudden change in my whole fortunes.
  • The minister could read this change of mood in his master's face, and hastened to make use of it.
  • It is true, there is a thing which we call volition, or an act of the mind; but this does not produce the external change by which it is followed.
  • After an hour she began to change her mind, however, and she looked about for any sign of Rosamond in vain.
  • For several days I enjoyed all the novelty of change and the charms which grace a new lodgings before one has found out their defects.
  • It was pitiful to see the change that went over the dog when on turning its head it saw that Gray was walking steadily back towards the hut.
  • I determined, therefore, to change my lodgings, drop my correspondence, and disappear altogether from the view of my village admirers.
  • Banfi began to change colour, and he answered in a low, husky voice, like a man who finds it very difficult not to speak the truth.

Definition of Change

(intransitive) To become something different. | (transitive, ergative) To make something into something else. | (transitive) To replace.
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