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  • And then there came a change over him.
  • If so, there has come a change over him.
  • There had come a curious change over Aneta's face.

How To Use Change Over In A Sentence?

  • And by these restless signs of change over the plains, we knew that it was spring.
  • Yet the process of analogy fails us sometimes, because the types of borrowing change over time.
  • After as long delay as he could contrive he passed the shells and a heap of copper change over to the customer.
  • In all that time there was not the slightest change in her so far as mortal eye could see, but there came a change over her husband.
  • It was arranged that the doctors, nurses, cooks and orderlies should change over every month, so that all could get a variety of work.

Definition of Change Over

(transitive, idiomatic) to convert to, to make a transition from one system to another
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