Changeable In A Sentence

Definition of Changeable

Capable of being changed. | Subject to sudden or frequent changes.

How To Use Changeable In A Sentence?

  • They were strangely reminiscent, but much more changeable and colorful than any he had ever seen.
  • Again, the oftener a legislature is changed, the more changeable and uncertain will be the laws.
  • By varying their distance, a changeable magnification down to two diameters may be obtained.
  • Louis is fickle and changeable and I do not doubt that he will return here before long.
  • Objective 1 b= with changeable magnification of lowest power, as far down as two diameters.
  • His face shone; his inner condition was constant; at no time was he changeable or unstable.
  • The Idea is eternal and immutable; sense-objects are changeable and in perpetual flux.
  • It is changeable in form, is sometimes sessile (without a stem), or it has a short lateral stem.
  • But with a face changeable as sunlight on a wind-rippled pond, Reuben had never been a good liar.
  • It is not because they have an active imagination that they are changeable, but it is because they are changeable that their imagination is active.
  • That he had appeared to be changeable in his affection was merely due to the fact that he had never been in love.
  • They are easily cast down, but they have not even the trouble to console themselves, so changeable is their mind.
  • For the changeableness of changeable things, is itself capable of all those forms, into which these changeable things are changed.
  • To aim at such precision as to put a fair day between two changeable ones by weather theory was going very near the wind and weather too.
  • It was apart from circumstances; it was beside the action of caprice; it was beyond all visionary, and above all changeable feelings.
  • She was a brunette, but there was on her cheek so rich and changeable a color that one forgot in looking at her, whether she were dark or light.
  • But Fate is a disposition inherent in changeable things, by which Providence connecteth all things in their due order.
  • Here is the very dress of the picture-lady, this queer, changeable silk, these big sleeves, and the velvet sewed on in a funny criss-cross pattern!
  • Edmond Didier had a warm heart and rather an unreliable head; he was easily moved and generous, but forgetful, changeable and careless.
  • The uncertainty of our duration is impressed commonly by dissimilitude of condition; it is only by finding life changeable that we are reminded of its shortness.
  • But sailors are such changeable and restless beings, that I really believe they would soon be tired of Paradise itself.
  • The accidental or non-essential laws which regulate the transactions of the social body and everyday affairs of life are changeable and subject to abrogation.
  • The travelers in the frigid zone are exposed to far greater and more sudden transitions of temperature than are ever felt in our changeable but temperate climate.
  • Constitutions to be of any value as bulwarks of liberty should not be immediately changeable with the popular sentiment of the day, but slowly and only after long reflection and discussion.
  • The resplendent and changeable azure blue which ornaments the body and part of the wings in this very singular insect, can be but ill expressed in the figure.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Changeable | Changeable Sentence

  • The girl was as changeable as a weathercock.
  • Very changeable weather indeed.
  • But let them weare no changeable stuffe.
  • The maids are as changeable as old-fashioned silk.
  • Connie, changeable beads, yes?
  • He was as changeable as June weather.
  • Kate Dancox was changeable as the ever-shifting sea.
  • The changeable Polyporus, P. versicolor.
  • It is certain that they were not a progressive or changeable family.
  • I am afraid that the young lady thought me a very changeable person.
  • The story caught the fancy of the changeable crowd in the room.
  • Here plainly was a person of moods, changeable and tempersome.
  • Objective 1 a= with adjustable mounting and changeable magnification.
  • However changeable nature may be, this imagination corresponds to it.
  • Just so changeable as her mother, and more, is Ruby herself.

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