Chanticleer In A Sentence

Definition of Chanticleer

To make the crowing sound of a cock. | To crow in exultation. | (now rare, literary) A domestic rooster or cock, especially in fables and fairy tales.

How To Use Chanticleer In A Sentence?

  • If he admitted his guilt, he would be unfrocked; he would show like a chanticleer stripped of his hackles before his hens.
  • He seriously asserted that the duck had evidently furnished a model for the clarionet and oboe, and Sir Chanticleer for the trumpet.
  • In the midst of these distressful sensations the far-off crow of some vigilant chanticleer assured her that the short summer night was wearing away and relief was at hand.
  • The true basker, on the other hand, declines to be a party to a procedure which destroys the whole poetry of dawn and reduces the proud chanticleer to the sordid status of an alarum-clock.

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