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  • Are royal chapels only echoes and allegories?
  • These are mortuary chapels or family tombs.
  • There were no radial chapels in this great church.
  • The side chapels were devoted to orgies of various kinds.
  • There are twelve churches, including four chapels of ease.
  • The chancel and adjoining chapels are Perp.
  • Madeleine, the old, chapels of, 366-369.
  • Breadth of West Front with Chapels 179 feet.
  • They have knelt at all the chapels and burnt tapers before all the saints.
  • It is said that the tower and the chapels are the remains of a mosque.
  • Of the chapels and altars once existing we have records in various documents.
  • There are seven chapels which present a wealth of paintings, and relics.
  • The screens inclosing chapels in these were demolished by Wyatt.
  • Lady Chapels were not invariably at the east end of the main building.
  • Temple erected in the Land, where stand the chapels of the gods.
  • Dissenters' Chapels Act.
  • Domestic chapels were extremely common all through the Middle Ages.
  • There were several chantry chapels and a high altar dedicated to St. Giles.

How To Use Chapels In A Sentence?

  • It happened that a religious was going to visit the chapels of that district where he lived.
  • Can any of your correspondents mention other examples of churches or chapels so well supplied?
  • In one of the chapels to which the chancel-arches lead there is some fine perpendicular work.
  • In one of the side chapels was a votive candle placed before the image of a saint.
  • Two chantry chapels stand opposite each other under the ninth pier-arches of the nave.
  • To the east of the south transept a very good view of the choir and its chapels is to be obtained.
  • It is the property of several denominations, who adorn their separate chapels to suit themselves.
  • She was escorted to one of the chapels and robed in a flowing gown of fine white muslin.
  • Churches and chapels had gone to ruin; soldiers having turned them into barracks or stables.
  • Around the church stand sepulchral chapels of fine funereal fancy and excellent decorative effect.
  • The graceless lad gazed round, and it struck him that the chapels were not unlike so many mangers.
  • It is an early hour; but the light is then fairly good, and the chapels are usually quiet.
  • Unless you strain your eyes, or lamps are burning, side chapels pass unnoticed.
  • All mansions, castles and prisons in England have chapels or churches attached.
  • There are twelve fine chapels in Philadelphia, and in other places every house is a chapel.
  • Out of fourteen parish churches, (including the chapels of ease,) only two remain uninjured.
  • Such immigration explains the numerous Episcopal chapels in the towns of southern Scotland.
  • One of these chapels of ease is the private property of the Honourable and Reverend Nath.
  • There are at present neither Baptist, nor Wesleyan, nor Independent chapels in the place.
  • The floor in these chapels is that which was formerly in the choir up to the time of the restoration of the church.
  • This is one of the series of the fourteenth century chapels which surrounds the ambulatory of the choir.
  • Yet all this was insufficient to light up the vast edifice or penetrate the chapels in the side aisles.

Definition of Chapels

plural of chapel
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