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  • One of his characteristics was eagerness.
  • Structural characteristics of the hair of mammals.
  • State and define the characteristics of sound.
  • Give two or more characteristics of a chemical change.
  • Many of these characteristics are to be found in criminal lunatics.
  • His chief characteristics had been love of liberty and laziness.
  • The characteristics of labour have already been incidentally commented upon.
  • State the desirable characteristics of good enamel insulation for magnet wire.
  • What characteristics of the bumblebee make animated torrid-zone applicable?
  • But oddness in dress, is one of the characteristics of the Great Exhibition.
  • Substances have been isolated having the characteristics of "simpler bases.

How To Use Characteristics In A Sentence?

  • The architectural characteristics of this striking gateway are certainly very singular.
  • It had all the characteristics of a tug-of-war, and irresistibly he was drawn over the line.
  • But whether the Revolution would everywhere exhibit the same characteristics is highly doubtful.
  • This classification marks in reality the distinctive characteristics of the Western Indians.
  • She knew now that all his unusual characteristics that at first had seemed so strange to her were the ones that had drawn her to him.
  • All of these owe their special characteristics to the fact of their having undergone lactic and alcoholic fermentation.
  • Every public speaker has certain characteristics of voice and manner that distinguish him from other men.
  • Women are loved for all sorts of reasons and even for characteristics which one would think repellent.
  • And that we may not be involved in the misunderstanding, let us observe which of his characteristics is the most prominent.
  • The different subspecies figured show the essential characteristics of the species, differing primarily in size.
  • Is it to eliminate from the human race the evil habits of each nationality, and to preserve in the new one the noble characteristics of all?
  • It is one of the characteristics of such men, and one of the greatest aids to their activity, this ever-present belief in themselves.
  • One of the chief characteristics of the walrus is the presence of two elongated tusks (the canine teeth) in the upper jaw.
  • Since these are not accepted under the "standard" comparisons, rubber exhibiting these characteristics does not obtain the top market price.
  • To my mind there is something austere in the better characteristics of the Scot, and also something hypocritical about his morality.
  • The Jews are an excellent example of the power of the family life to maintain distinct characteristics and to secure marked development.
  • The gods, in certain cases, received their animal characteristics by virtue of certain unconscious puns or mistakes in the double senses of words.
  • One of the most prominent characteristics of the Church of Christ in this century has been its phenomenal missionary activity.
  • While these are the general characteristics of Egyptian religion, there were inevitably many modifications in the course of five thousand years.
  • A sequel to "Jewel," in which the same characteristics of love and cheerfulness touch and uplift the reader.
  • It is the beautiful expression of a nature which combined the Greek and the Asiatic characteristics only slightly idealised.
  • The natives, the products of the land, the climate, and other characteristics differ but little from those of the island of Leyte.
  • A young boy has none, or very few, of the characteristics of a man; but a young girl has, at ten years of age, all the characteristics of a woman.
  • Each character was observed more than once for each tree as a check on possible yearly variation for specific characteristics in the trees from which data was collected.
  • Length of line, firmness of drawing, severity of form, and subtlety of curve are the great characteristics of Egyptian ornamentation.
  • It was known that few, if any, of the chestnut, or related species, possess the timber-type characteristics of our American chestnut.
  • Now a person may be genteel according to one or another of the three standards described above, and not possess one of the characteristics of a gentleman.
  • Schlegel proceeds to examine the respective characteristics of those two forms of government, and to show the points in which they agree, and in which they differ.
  • It was going to assume the characteristics of a duel in which he, being the more advantageously placed, would succeed eventually in wearing down her guard.

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plural of characteristic
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