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Definition of Characters

plural of character

How To Use Characters In A Sentence?

  • I am not about to chronicle how time now rolled over the characters of our story.
  • The characters involved suffer through their own delusions aroused by conscience.
  • We all pride ourselves on our skill in reading the characters of our fellow-creatures.
  • There are thirteen figures of the god and thirteen of these groups of characters in the series.
  • We thought of the characters in the unconvincing wigs and costumes of our school performance.
  • The characters are in themselves graceful, and lend themselves readily to decoration.
  • A certain parallelism in the sentences or groups of characters has also been discovered.
  • Few historic characters have ever been more differently judged from different points of view.
  • Hence the two words, like the characters represented by them, tended to pass into one another.
  • The original of this text contains characters not available in the Latin-1 character set.
  • Samuel Sewall is one of the most interesting characters in colonial American history.
  • Accordingly the characters appear as types of humanity divested of all that is accidental or peculiar to the individual.
  • The relation of the characters to the pictorial representations forms our chief reliance in this branch of the investigation.
  • They spend their time tearing to pieces the characters of others when you are present, and your character when you are absent.
  • And here we must leave him for the present, and pass to other and very different scenes and characters essential to the development of our story.
  • More particularly in this subject do we require something ideal in the manner, for few are equally true in the characters as in the external scene.
  • One little weakness, however, in their otherwise estimable characters had at times disturbed the even course of our friendship.
  • In her judgments of the characters and acts of both friends and strangers, there was always room for charity, and this charity never failed.
  • These, as is readily seen, are in groups, one group of six compound characters over each figure of the god.
  • Stones marked with Roman characters yet remain in their places, designating the camps of the different legions.
  • A Key to the Characters and Principal Incidents in the Tales of Charles Dickens.
  • Below the sketch were some curious-looking characters written in ink, and of these Ida could make nothing.
  • Bad characters lurked behind the fences, from which they would sometimes take a sneak shot at the Showman as he passed.
  • Yet it is certain, and even susceptible of demonstration, that a large portion, perhaps the majority, of the characters are symbols.
  • I keep thinking how pleased Major would be to have you hobnobbing with lady earls and famous characters and high life generally.
  • Men whom we understand, whose motives we see before us like an anatomical preparation, leave us cold, like the characters in most of our novels.
  • Although I had noticed that most of the characters which he mentions are month symbols, I did not succeed in identifying all of them.
  • Curious critics of "Charles Auchester" have found close resemblances between its characters and other musicians.
  • Doctor Knipperhausen then unclasped the volume which he had brought under his arm, which was printed in red and black characters in German text.
  • A careful review of these snakes is needed to verify the validity of the characters used to separate the subspecies and to determine areas of intergradation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Characters | Characters Sentence

  • The characters have been coded as follows.
  • The characters are drawn with great skill.
  • Some pretty tough characters there, too.
  • For the most part, only the light characters travel.
  • He is one of the best-known characters in English fiction.
  • May it not be said that real historic characters should not be misrepresented?
  • The characters had all been prepared for a different sort of man.
  • Here also in the written characters over this picture is the symbol for 20.
  • There is little worthy of remark in the characters of the Sophist.
  • His Indian characters are as real as if photographed from life.

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