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How To Use Charcoal In A Sentence?

  • With cobalt-solution on charcoal gives the alumina reaction.
  • Also gives the tellurium reaction with charcoal and carbonate of soda.
  • And potash can be leached out of the charcoal or from its ashes whenever it is burned.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Charcoal | Charcoal Sentence

  • Much charcoal was seen.
  • Lime and charcoal burners.
  • Use charcoal or crayon.
  • Vecchia and taking charcoal back.
  • Why does charcoal usually burn with no flame?
  • The reaction on charcoal is precisely similar.
  • In this case charcoal should be used for the support.
  • Common charcoal is highly recommended for costiveness.
  • Use pencil or charcoal for work of this kind.
  • She was heating water on her charcoal stove.
  • Make charcoal or brush drawings of the whole plant.
  • On charcoal the oxide is slowly and imperfectly reduced.
  • The boy glanced up meekly from the charcoal brazier.
  • These were either in the form of charcoal or of wood dust.
  • In the distance was a charcoal smear which grew blacker.
  • A little charcoal was found in this grave also.
  • Beneath this was a bed of charcoal 4 inches thick.
  • Its wood makes the finest charcoal for gunpowder.
  • This plan is adopted to preserve the charcoal from damp.
  • The mere addition of charcoal largely disinfects it.
  • He first made pure charcoal by burning sugar.
  • The reduced metal fuses upon charcoal to a grain.
  • On charcoal the plumbiferous glass becomes grey and dull.
  • We have few, if any, charcoal burners in our domain.
  • Make large drawings, using charcoal or crayon.
  • To prepare Charcoal for Fire-works.
  • No. 2.~ Contains Charcoal also.
  • On charcoal yields a metallic button.
  • No objects other than some charcoal were found in this grave.
  • Fuses to a bead and incrusts the charcoal with oxide.
  • On charcoal yields a button of metallic lead.
  • This deposit can be driven about on the charcoal by either of the flames.
  • The salts of lithia are absorbed by charcoal when fused upon it.
  • Upon charcoal ebullition takes place and the oxide is reduced.
  • Filter through animal charcoal to remove part of the colouring matter.
  • Make a wash-drawing of the bowl you studied in charcoal mass.
  • The grain of the charcoal posts indicated the wood to have been oak.

Definition of Charcoal

Of a dark gray colour. | Made of charcoal. | To draw with charcoal.
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