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  • This is one of the most wanton charges that could be preferred against Luther.
  • Just as sure as shooting, if Burleigh preferred charges that boy was ruined.
  • It was, in fact, on these very two charges that He was arraigned for death.

How To Use Charges That In A Sentence?

  • He took such care of his charges that he soon became a great favourite with them.
  • He must have the privilege of bringing in witnesses to tell the truth about the charges that may be made.
  • The senior second lieutenant was at that moment undergoing trial on charges that must dismiss him from the service.
  • These defects had been left for a little while, owing to the great charges that they had incurred of late years.
  • Think of the winter nights' tales, of the charges that hang over me, and their penalties.
  • The note is for a thousand dollars, with various incidental charges that make it now a thousand and eighty dollars.
  • In the charges that were made against Harvey nothing was said of the illegal and arbitrary measures that had caused the people to depose him.
  • He was received with ridicule and laughter, and was warned not to injure the party, or to make "loose charges" that might cause trouble.
  • He knows that Bernardo Galvez will be busy the next few days trying to secure the proof of the charges that you make against him.
  • He had been goat-boy so long and become so accustomed to this life and grown up together with his little charges that he could think of nothing else.
  • Left once more to his own reflections, Claude recalled all that the captain had said, and at first was lost in wonder at the gravity of the charges that had been raised up against him.
  • The charges that you have, I see now, been the means of making against Mrs. Harrington, are groundless.
  • Pitt talked much of his conscience, after having absolved Hastings on the very worst of the charges that had been preferred against him, and then condemned him on lighter charges.
  • The evidence was taken by the Committee on the Judiciary, and it had special reference to the charges that had been made against President Johnson.
  • The indictment further charges that at the time of so swearing Stahl did not believe it to be true that he had been on board the Lusitania and had seen the four guns.
  • The synod, in breathless interest, listened to the holy Pontiff, who then proceeded with wonderful composure to read the charges that had been preferred against him.
  • The Forest Monster also took a position of repose, but far enough away from his smaller charges that he knew he would not roll over and squish any of them.
  • The book is the more valuable because of the material it supplies, in this and other places, for rebutting the charges that Peacock was a mere Epicurean, or a mere carper.
  • The Duke of Portland wrote to Hunter early in 1799 requesting him to afford the fullest refutation of a number of charges that had been made against the administration of the colony.
  • To the charges that the character of college work has been lowered by coeducation, and that it offers difficulties or embarrassments in the class-room, Dr. Jordan replies with categorical denials.
  • When Mr. Black had read the long message he smiled and frowned, but cheerfully paid the three dollars and forty-one cents additional charges that the messenger demanded.
  • The Chicago Task Force led a Chicago grand jury to indict Neidorf on a set of charges that could have put him in jail for thirty years.
  • From this misconception have come all the unfounded charges that Buddhism is an "atheistical," that is to say, a grossly materialistic, a nihilistic, a negative, a vice-breeding religion.
  • That lady's appearance became so terrible to him that he was unable to bear it, and gave strict charges that she should not be suffered to come within the limits of his camp.
  • The anti-Semitic press of both hemispheres charges that Bolshevism in Russia and elsewhere is a movement instigated and led by Jews, as part of a great conspiracy to bring about the Jewish domination of the world.
  • There is but one of these charges that I desire to deny to you," looking at the fire through his eyeglass as he spoke; "I don't lie," he said, adding, with the shadow of a smile, "I don't have to.
  • So palpably absurd and false were these charges that three of the assembled prelates refused to sign an instrument for the deposition of a pontiff, so little conforming to the ancient discipline, and unsupported by witnesses worthy of belief.
  • But, indeed, he knew not whether any degree of explicitness would confute the charges that were made against him; whether, by trampling on his sacred promise, he should not multiply his perils instead of lessening their number.
  • The negro consolidated act, made by the assembly of Jamaica last year, and the new act of amendment now in agitation there, contain a proof of the existence of those charges that have been made against the planters relative to the treatment of their slaves.
  • Then he defended himself eloquently against the numerous charges that had been made against him, and ended by entreating all his friends to pray for him, because he said that since he had been a soldier, a captain, a sea-captain, and a courtier, he must needs have fallen into many sins.
  • Let us go on to consider these same two charges produced, so to speak, a little further into a more definitely spiritual plane; charges that now accuse us of too great activities in our ministry to men and too many attentions paid to God.
  • The men, fighting from the inside of the Blue Mansion, were relieved to see the cavalry because the energy charges that they did have in reserve, for their weapons, were all drained of their power during the battle around the mansion.
  • The two old gentlemen shake hands, and Mr. Abbot speedily seats himself by the side of the invalid, and frees himself of his impressions as to the extraordinary charges that had been preferred, and his satisfaction at their speedy refutation.
  • If these statements are not true, Dr. Kennedy should be brought to trial by court martial for conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, if not conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, in publicly making injurious charges that have no foundation in fact.
  • Even more distinct instructions were sent out to certain legations, by which R. N. F. could be arrested on charges that would at least secure his detention till the law officers had declared what steps could be taken in his behalf.
  • St. Paul was equally charged with impiety and heresy, and the persecution against him lasted a long time; but it is perfectly clear, from the nature of the charges, that he had travelled to Jerusalem in order to fulfil the rites of Judaism.
  • Here in New Bedford, I am told, that in reply to some of these charges: that you had studied or looked into the subject of mesmerism that you might ascertain the cause, or meaning, of the delusions practiced by the advent people.

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