Chariot In A Sentence

Definition of Chariot

(transitive, rare, poetic) To convey by, or as if by, chariot. | (intransitive) To ride in a chariot. | A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle, used in Bronze Age and Early Iron Age warfare.

How To Use Chariot In A Sentence?

  • Then they threw him out of the chariot so roughly, that he was bruised and hurt.
  • But it chanced that the shepherd of all the flocks in the sea was driving his chariot that way.
  • On the day after that there were chariot races in a wide place outside the walls.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Chariot | Chariot Sentence

  • Angels working with the chariot wheels.
  • He burneth the chariot in the fire.
  • Outside a chariot was waiting into which we entered.
  • The chariot jumps on which thou art.
  • There is no black horse in the chariot of the soul.
  • Behind the chariot walked two bowmen.
  • Within yon chariot gilt aboon.
  • Our chariot wheels move noiselessly.
  • But now the chariot of ├ćneas was close at hand.
  • Look at the king in his chariot with the plunging horses!
  • It whips its flaming chariot to the west.
  • A quiet-looking chariot was at the door.
  • In the foremost chariot rode two men.
  • And he made ready his chariot and took his people with him.
  • He rode through the air in a chariot drawn by goats.
  • He has changed his market-cart into a chariot of the sun.
  • The chariot stopped, and he dismounted.
  • Immediately behind the chariot walked several great nobles.
  • She must have got home with a chariot full of money.
  • The chariot will remain where I have stopped it.
  • So also with the chariot on which He drove.
  • A patesi of Lagash had a chariot which was drawn by asses.
  • The chariot of Kuvera, the Hindu god of riches.
  • We can hear the rumble of His chariot wheels as He comes.
  • In A Chariot Of Fire.
  • Warwick, R. I., stocks at, 215; chariot at, 258-259.
  • Tell the charioteer from me to bring round the chariot with my bow.
  • I am on my guard against another fall from that chariot of the sun.
  • Tell the charioteer from me to bring round the chariot with my bow.
  • They ringed the chariot round with a maze of flowers chains.
  • Within the chariot a dignified gentleman sat in solitary state.
  • I wriggled into a coat and followed him out to where his chariot awaited us.
  • The circus was used less frequently for other exhibitions than chariot races.
  • She wheeled above their heads in the fiery chariot beside her sun-god.
  • He is described as a chieftain standing in a chariot drawn by two horses.
  • Her chariot was all of gold, and drawn by milk-white steeds.

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