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How To Use Charitably In A Sentence?

  • She sometimes charitably laid down her pencil and left them, having forgotten this or that.
  • During that season the pious faithful are charitably inclined to bestow alms on the Rahans.
  • Judicious wits spread wide the ridicule, And charitably comfort knave and fool.
  • He had a clever son, whom Turgot charitably sent to school, and afterwards to college in Paris.
  • Scepticism of this nature can but little injure the frivolous, and will be charitably regarded by the wise.
  • Let us charitably suppose that their poor heads were somewhat flustered with the hurly-burly of battle.
  • The landlord speaks charitably of his neighbors, and cannot bear to hear his wife and daughter abuse them.
  • Science is inclined to charitably label this specimen of man a sort of a physiologic puzzle, to be as much pitied as blamed.
  • I am afeard there are few die well that die in battle; for how can they charitably dispose of any thing, when blood is their argument?
  • Ben more charitably suspected an infusion from scraps of old leather salvaged maybe on the field of Blenheim.
  • The only person who benefited was of course the imposter, who was paid for her services; while we may perhaps charitably hope that her dupes also were afterwards easier in their minds.
  • Some innocent people wonder that the drivers of omnibuses or cars should feel so very charitably disposed toward the human family in general, as to take up extra passengers when all seats are filled.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Charitably | Charitably Sentence

  • She was charitably tender.
  • People were doubtless charitably disposed.
  • How charitably she treats that ghastly experience!
  • Her first essays were charitably received.
  • Was that well, Or charitably put?
  • They might have been of pity, but were not so charitably interpreted.
  • It makes me comprehend more charitably the attitude of the owners of men.
  • There the tea-cosies and pen-wipers will be once more charitably sold.
  • The darkness charitably covered the respectable ugliness of the neighborhood.
  • Let us charitably assume, however, that it was only in a moment of irritation.
  • Evesham was as widely and charitably receptive as any man I have ever met.
  • She was smiling happily as she read, and Eleanor grinned charitably at her.

Definition of Charitably

In a charitable manner.
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