Charity in a sentence

Definition of Charity

(countable) An organization, the objective of which is to carry out a charitable purpose. | (countable) The goods or money given to those in need. | (uncountable) Benevolence to others less fortunate than ourselves; the providing of goods or money to those in need.

How to use Charity in a Sentence?

  • Public charity had been appealed to and there were relief funds all over the country.
  • It is the issue upon which people most need training in charity and imaginative sympathy.
  • The worst of charity is, that the lives you are asked to preserve are not worth preserving.
  • When a woman is deeply in love, the capacity of her heart for charity is without limit.
  • It exhibits a charity noble and active, while the young merchant was still poor.
  • Never was a wiser national economy than in the charity of the English and of other countries.
  • The ball in question was a charity ball at the Pavilion, a perfectly unobjectionable ball.
  • Careless their merits or their faults to scan, His pity gave ere charity began.
  • I tried to keep from laughing, for I was a guilty person in deep need of charity and mercy.
  • But most of the historical houses are masked or lost in the modern uses to which trade or charity has converted them.
  • Even these displays could have been overlooked and pardoned, had he shown any charity to the suffering poor.
  • Her appeal for charity had been rejected, and can we blame her if she yielded to the tempter and took the money lying before her?
  • We might think that the post was invented for the benefit of people whose idea of charity is to do the begging and get us to do the giving.
  • It is but too often remarked how selfish men are made by misery, and how fatal is a common affliction to that charity that cares for others.
  • An act of charity ennobles man more than all the fame bestowed upon him for any other merit, and his reward is always commensurate with his works.
  • I hate the charity which pours out wealth for a god, and counts in miserly fashion every farthing given for man.
  • In her judgments of the characters and acts of both friends and strangers, there was always room for charity, and this charity never failed.
  • Her serene and cheerful temper makes every one happy about her; and her charity is unbounded, but dispensed with a just discrimination.
  • As for Frank, he was in charity with all men, and prepared to believe that all that people did was good.
  • He made a pillow of his coat, commended himself to the charity of rats and other horrors, and stretched his weary bones upon the relentless floor.
  • It quiets the nerves, makes a man look in charity upon the world, and to judge with a chastened lenity the shortcomings of his neighbors.
  • He seemed to me to have no sense of the state, no sense and much less any love of beauty, no charity and no sort of religious feeling whatever.
  • He had joined the army of mendicant musicians, who scrape a tune in front of hotels and shops, living on charity thinly veiled.
  • A few functions intervened, such as the formal release of our prisoners and the bestowal of money in charity on the poor of Lhassa.
  • She was strong and true; in after days she prayed for charity; with charity came sorrow, and doubt, and perplexity.
  • The charity still remains, but its scheme has been to some extent modified by the Charity Commissioners.
  • While loyal to our own Church, we should cherish towards all Christians feelings of charity and good-will.
  • She were indeed a goddess to be worshipped, a true Sister of Charity among that loquacious sisterhood!
  • Would there be any pleasure left if she had to tear herself away from her beloved chums and take up quarters in the village, living on a charity fund?
  • The Sister of Charity paused before a bed in which a little, very thin old woman was coiled up with eyes half closed.
  • The Charity Organization Society in another city is divided in opinion about the foreign-born visitor.

Short Example Sentence for Charity

  • She was in charity with the whole world.
  • His charity melting and spontaneous.
  • Now, the charity he asked for was food for them to eat.
  • The brain runs the Charity Organisation Society.
  • It is not an act of charity to lend a helping hand to the refugee.
  • Filling their lives with Bridge and charity and committee work!
  • The Baroness is dispensing Christian charity sprinkled with arsenic.
  • Oh charity where art thou fled, And nowe how longe hast thou been dead?
  • In fact, O'Naka in her charity aided her.

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