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  • Again Charlie nodded.
  • He had seen Charlie at his work.
  • Again Charlie smoothed his brow.
  • All that Charlie had said was true.
  • He wanted Charlie to talk.
  • Again Charlie looked at him curiously before he replied.
  • With surprising strength Charlie flung him off.
  • For a moment Charlie made no answer.
  • But Charlie made no effort to encourage him.
  • But Charlie gave him no time to finish.
  • And Charlie seemed to accept the position.
  • Helen saw Charlie smile in a half-hearted fashion.
  • The only other occupant of the bar was Charlie Bryant.
  • She was not in love with Charlie Bryant, he felt sure.
  • How did Charlie Allen get killed over at Sumner?
  • Halfway down to the village Charlie again reverted to his news.
  • Fyles was hooking his reins over the post Charlie had vacated.
  • For answer Charlie reached out and caught one of her hands in both of his.
  • Now, what was he watching for, and who did he mistake Charlie for?
  • She never remembered to have heard Charlie whistling so blithe an air.
  • His name's Charlie Bryant.
  • I tell you if Charlie goes to the penitentiary I go with him.
  • After some moments, however, Charlie sobered and choked back a final gurgle.
  • I've told you what Charlie is to me, and I have told you truly.
  • The fourth was addressed to Charlie Bryant, and bore no trader's imprint.
  • I don't want to see Charlie Bryant in a stripe soot, penitentiary way.

How To Use Charlie In A Sentence?

  • It was his anxious desire to finally assure himself that Charlie was not with them.
  • Fyles looked on while Charlie went round and bolted the rack securely in its place.
  • He spoke loudly, and his eyes again took in the silent Charlie in their roving glance.
  • Because Charlie is a weak, sick creature, deserving all the pity and help the strong can give him.
  • Every man or woman in the place reckons this tough, Charlie Bryant, runs the gang.
  • That's one of the reasons which makes it impossible that Charlie could be one of them.
  • There were still fully two hours of daylight left when Charlie finally rose from his seat upon the veranda.
  • After what he had witnessed he had no desire to meet Charlie that night, so he went straight to bed, but not to sleep.
  • Before the astonished saloonkeeper could recover himself and formulate the angry retort which rose to his lips, Charlie staggered out of the place.
  • It was her determination that this man should not wrong himself by committing a great wrong upon Charlie Bryant.
  • The sound of Kate's voice seemed to rouse Charlie from his gloomy contemplation of the village.
  • But, as he clambered up the hill toward the pine, his heat moderated, and his thoughts turned upon Charlie again.
  • Then she remembered that Charlie Bryant had designed the building, and somehow the thought lessened her interest.
  • He knew that Charlie was threatened, and he knew that Charlie knew it, and made no attempt to protect himself.

Definition of Charlie

Alternative form of Charlie | (slang, usually in the plural) A woman's breast
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