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How To Use Charmed In A Sentence?

  • The voice that had charmed the thousands rang forth in its strength and sweetness.
  • The youth is charmed with the fine air and accomplishments of the children of fortune.
  • It always seemed to me that he bore a charmed life, and so the enemy thought.
  • In private life he was full of an affectionate intimacy; he pleased by being charmed and pleased.
  • Perhaps they were married by this time, and had gone far away to some charmed land to live.
  • He was charmed to feel that, for the moment, at least, he had won her from her sadness.
  • What is there in this charmed circle, in this favored zone, that brings national power?
  • The lady was charmed by this homage; this mute and gentle admiration; and was happy in it.
  • And if you care to beard the lion in his den, I shall be charmed to send you an invitation.
  • Somehow I kept expecting her to squeak like a mouse, but every word she spoke charmed me.
  • With bending lip awakes the vocal reeds, And the charmed ears of listening satyrs feeds.
  • Mrs. Burton was as disgusted with Goa as she had been charmed with Dr. Da Cunha.
  • This child disconcerted him, but there was something delightful in her artless manner which quite charmed him.
  • Indeed the supreme oddity was that the manner of her reply to his request for leave to call should have absolutely charmed his attention.
  • Posses were out for him in all directions, but he seemed to bear a charmed life and had successfully evaded capture.
  • The beauty and luxury of it all continually charmed his senses; the fever of it stirred hotly in his blood.
  • But when he comes into the charmed circle of his home, he is neither reckless nor pugilistic, but a downright gentleman.
  • The apartment in which she lived was on the second floor; and there was luxury everywhere, but luxury subdued and charmed by taste.
  • So Rhoda and her guests sat down with a very good appetite to dinner; she charmed them all by her grace as a hostess.
  • Though severely wounded, the great aviator recovered rapidly, justifying the oft-repeated superstition that he was possessed of a charmed life.
  • Lady Dorothea was perfectly charmed with him; it was the triumph, as it were, of one of her own set.
  • But as he said it, he arose, took the charmed bit of clay, replaced in the box, and locked the coffer.
  • While the men were sheltered by trees, logs and rocks, he had to be exposed, but as if possessed of a charmed life, he passed through unscathed.
  • Beside the charmed stream, And the sky and the golden water Shape and color her dream.
  • Mr. Chittenden visited them, and, though charmed by the beauty of the daughter, he had no thoughts of giving up his bachelor life.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Charmed | Charmed Sentence

  • Nor was he less charmed with her.
  • I bear a charmed life.
  • The cockchafer was charmed with the little maiden.
  • How charmed Nance will be.
  • What silver flutes charmed all the forest ways . . .
  • I was charmed with Oxford, for it was full of poetry to me.
  • The Prince seemed to bear a charmed life as he fought.
  • Her gentle impressiveness completely charmed and won the children over.
  • Sophonisba enters this charmed region of perfect shopping from the west.
  • As he grew to manhood men and women alike were charmed by him.
  • When he was charmed with a woman he always imagined her to be like his mother.
  • But whoever the person was, he must have been charmed with our old orchard.
  • The prince was charmed with the honesty and frankness of Mr. Valyajnikoff.
  • But Mrs. Wickersham felt that Mrs. Wentworth lived within a charmed circle.
  • He 'll be charmed to know you, and the place is worth seeing.

Definition of Charmed

Bewitched; under a magic spell (cast by a charm). | impressed by the pleasantness of something | (physics, of a particle) Having nonzero charm.
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